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You Laugh While He Cries?

14 Dec 2010

Barbara Wa Wa reviewed a recent 60 minutes show and decided that incoming Speaker of the House, John Boehner, has “emotional problems.”  Then, on her TV show, The View, she and her 4-1 liberal to conservative ratio panel went at it.  I’ve provided the video.  Walters vs Boehner

Personally, I haven’t decided if I like Boehner yet but I’m going to give the guy a chance–something we rarely want to do in the bloodsport of politics these days.  ”Go for the person, not the issue” seems to be the rallying cry from both sides and it’s pathetic.  Let me work for a while and if I suck–fire me.  That, to me, seems a logical route–for all but Washington big wigs.  Ticks me off.

If I grew up as the 2nd of 12 (yep, 12) kids and had to go to work at age 8.  If I watched as my parents slept on a pull out couch every night because my 11 siblings and I used the two bedrooms and one bathroom, I believe I would choke up a bit from time-to-time as I recalled and then related my version of the American Dream.  We talk about all this country has to offer if we decide to roll up our sleeves and work a little–and here’s a guy who started his quest as a 2ND GRADER before he could recite the names of all 50 states or the preamble to the Constitution or even all the words to the Pledge of Allegiance for that matter.  To move from there to sweeping floors, letting your mind wonder to “things that could be” and planning his steps is a person to honor, at least in my mind.  He dreamt, worked and is now reaping the benefits!

I don’t know, he might get fired soon after he’s elected to the Speaker position, such is life.  But to belittle someone who shows some emotion as he reflects on tough days gone by is in-human on our part, particularly those encountered as a child.  But, these days that’s pretty much what we’ve become–a nation of inhumane gimmee gimmee gimmees.  Makes a person want to puke.

Mr Boehner, go ahead and cry.  We don’t need it 24 hours a day but on the occasion when your memories overwhelm you–go ahead and drop a tear or two.  It gives the rest of us a little hope that maybe we can crawl out of our holes and become someones too.

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December 14, 2010 7:38 am Reply

If a liberal cried in front of Barb she’d credit him with a “human side.” Watch the Oprah interview.

December 14, 2010 8:47 am Reply

So is this how it is? If an elected leader sheds a tear and shows his/her emotional side because of past hard times or simply because they care for the future of our children and our nation, they get a rebuke and slap down by Babs WaWa et al? If the same elected official was stoned faced and non-emotional, don’t you suppose they’d do the same hit job? It’s nothing more that searching for ‘weak points’ to capitalize on bringing down a conservative. It’s like a pack of wolves attacking their prey. John Boehner deserves our admiration and support. Let’s give him a chance to prove what he can do as speaker. He’s certainly an improvement over Princess Pelosi!

December 14, 2010 9:03 am Reply

I like Boehner a lot and think he will make a great Speaker. I’m OK with the tears since he seems to be a genuinely emotional, good-hearted guy. But I hope he at least tries to keep it to a minimum. Remember what Tom Hanks says in A League of Their Own.

December 16, 2010 11:46 pm Reply

Imagine this idiot as President if PRESIDENT OBAMA and VICE PRESIDENT BADEN were to be missed from office (for any reason).

He would cry at every Press Conference, cry at every Cabinet meeting, cry at every State of the Union speech…..what a wimp!!!

December 18, 2010 2:54 pm Reply

I personally don’t have a problem with someone being emotional during conversation. I am a lot more comfortable with that then I am with being led (or pushed) down a path towards socialism by someone chuckling at my concerns.

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