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You Just Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

16 Nov 2010

Time for a 3-fer blog!

1) It’s fun to hear the “I’m smarter than the world” pundits take on the former Alaska governor and her eight part reality series on her life and our 49th state.  “Sarah Palin just  does not look presidential running around half clothed,” said one and  “This is going to come back to bite her,” says another.

Get over it.  The lady is a private citizen who chose to make a difference for her city as mayor, her state as governor and her country through relentless campaigning.  The Learning Channel (TLC) offered her nearly two million bucks to host a show that affords her final editing approval and not only is it the single biggest debuting program in the cable channel’s history with nearly 5 million viewers, but it comes as she’s trying to sell a new book.  We call that smart marketing.  I do not blame Ms. Palin for the efforts.  As for running around her home in nice sports shorts—go for it.  I kind of dig the Palin legs to be honest with you.

Where the show falls short, and hurts Todd and Sarah, is delivered via the children who back talk and refuse to follow orders.  When I was quite young and my dad would take us to see Uncles/Aunts/Cousins whom we hadn’t seen in a while, about 15 minutes before we were to hit the front door, dad would pull the station wagon over—trailer in tow–and read us the riot act.  Basically, “If you disobey your parents or other adults, you’ll get a spanking like never before.”  And he wasn’t kidding.  If the Palin parents didn’t impart these threats/words of wisdom to the kiddies then they failed.

Nine-year-old Piper is seen rolling her eyes, smarting off, calling her mom, “Sarah,” apparently to get her attention etc.  She would not only have my attention but the belt holding up my pants would know her name too!   Meanwhile, 16 year old Willow (who has allegedly attended more than a few parties where alcohol and pot were served) came across as sweet but when she was told “No boys up stairs.”  She worked a deal with her boyfriend to stay downstairs and to come up to her room when she sent him a text.  Sarah caught the kid and in playful manner (remember, they’re on TV) reminded him of the rules.  He went up stairs anyway (That kid would never be seen in my home again by the way!).  Finally, Sarah called her daughter on the phone and in a somewhat authoritarian tone told Willow to get the kid downstairs…”Now!”  They obeyed.

Sure, it’s nice to see families acting like families because, yep, we all have issues.   But, no doubt many will bring this activity to the forefront with ads that say, “If Sarah Palin wants to rule America, perhaps she should prove her abilities with her own home first.”    The win Sunday night:  The beautiful sites and sounds of Alaska!

2) Everyone is crying about the new TSA rule at the airports about full body scans versus full body pat downs.  This isn’t China or Russia and as such we just don’t expect the intrusion and trust me, I get it—I long for the good ol’ days pre-Beirut bombing and 1993 World Trade Center Attacks.  However, we live in a day when terrorists want to blow things up.  Anything will do.  I remember as a teenager; my buds and I would grab Black Cats and M80s and go on a mission of destruction.  No plans—we just wanted to see things explode.  al Queda is like that—except they would love to see dead Americans flying thru the air.  9-11-01 did more for these terrorists than a case of Viagra ever could PLUS they get all those virgins.  Wee dogs!

Here’s how I look at it—as a much-travelled guy.  I hate pulling out my computer, taking off my shoes, removing my belt and now, with rods and screws in my back I suppose they will want to slash me open every time—just to be sure.

With this in mind we must either disband the TSA as a failed attempt at security or give in to some of its whacky whims—this being one of them.

If the TSA takes the full body image it will have my picture ad infinitum—one day selling it to the National Enquirer to cover the costs of another $800 million stimulus package.  It says it won’t but it is an arm of the government and I don’t believe it for a minute.  If it wants to “Move my hand up and down your groin region twice,” go for it.  Two stipulations:  1) I’m a guy and I want a good looking TSA chick doing the checking and 2) I want it done apart from the other passengers if at all possible.  If they check me as they say they will, this episode will be done in 15-20 seconds.  If they find a bomb between my scrotum and my leg, rejoice, I won’t be the one to blow you up.  If the TSA employee finds nothing—at least I’ll have a story to tell at my next golf outing—embellishments included.

3) “How can anyone have confidence in the decision of the ethics subcommittee when I was deprived of due-process rights, right to counsel and was not even in the room?”  Those are the words of 20-time congressman Charlie Rangel (D) from New York.  He didn’t mention that he had fired his previous counsel, wanted to negotiate some kind of slap-on-the-wrist plea and had walked out of the hearing in a grandstanding move.  At the end of the day, lawbreaker Rangel was found guilty of 11 of 13 ethics violations—the kind that could potentially throw a guy like you or I into the slammer.  Rangel, found guilty by the ethics committee (comprised of 10 members and evenly split between republicans and democrats), will return to do his job with a slap that will soon be forgotten.

But the whole story got me going—He won his district with 51% of the vote with his nearest competitor scoring a measly 23.7%.  The 80 year old Rangel is known by everyone in his district and had to do very little campaigning even though some pretty aggressive charges were hanging over his head.  And in the end, campaigning and charges aside, he was the overwhelming victor.  Which causes me to wonder about this “Hope and Change” nonsense.  If a district knows they have a crook and votes for him anyway—time and time again—what’s the message the ne’er-do-wells and less than friendly countries take away?  America talks a good game but in the end, it seems to vote out of ignorance?  Bribery?  Strong oratory?

Sure we had a sweep of Congress this year but some of the worst of the worst remain so what’s the lesson?

And, please don’t ask me, I’m as lost as the Russians on this one.

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November 17, 2010 8:35 am Reply

Darrell, it’s good to see you are back. Reading your blog brought me back to your Dallas days. Only reading your words and not listening. I don’t think I will ever understand people and their politics. I’m with you on the election. As for Charlie Rangel and the people that voted him back in, they get what they deserve. And it seems that he took very good care of them – somebody needs to check on what he did that makes him so popular.
As for the TSA, I have a knee replacement and have a pat down every time I fly. The last time it was not palms down pat but I go with the flow. I just thought that she was getting her jollies. What is the difference between a woman getting her breasts patted and a guy and his “junk” getting patted? My gripe is that TSA does not train everyone to do the same thing. Every airport has a different pat down procedure. Supposedly these TSA employees have been screened but how do we really know that these people aren’t just “loonies” getting their jollies the legal way. Beats me!
And then there’s Sarah! It isn’t just Sarah being lenient with her kids, it’s everyone. I relate to your experiences with your dad, as my sisten and I received the same message before going to a relatives home. And you better believe we listened. My dad had a “cat and 9 tales” and all he had to do was show it to us. He never used it as he didn’t have to.
Well enough of my chatter. Take care of yourself and your family. You are missed in Dallas. I hope Phoenix appreciates you.

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