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Will Mankind Ever Learn?

22 Sep 2010

At 883 feet long and 25 stories tall the Titanic has been the subject of myth and lore for nearly a century.  Now, according to the granddaughter of the ship’s second officer a new story is emerging.  Louise Patten writes in an upcoming book that her grandfather, Charles Lightoller–the most senior officer who survived–actually lied to first responders and early investigators and later in formal hearings in America and England.  Say’s Patten, “Instead of steering Titanic safely round to the left of the iceberg, once it had been spotted dead ahead, the steersman, Robert Hitchins, had panicked and turned it the wrong way.”  At first he tried to correct his mistake without saying a word but then, about four minutes later, the alarm sounded for the Captain and his crew to involve themselves and in those 240 seconds in time the Captain realized the severity of the error but at that point the collision was set.  So, on a dreary frigid evening, 1,523 people jumped, splashed, floated, froze and slowly let go of debris to sink into an ocean full of waiting predators but it wasn’t because of the iceberg alone.  Get this, according to Ms. Patten, the owners of the new luxury liner forced the crew to keep sailing at top speeds even after it had hit the iceberg and even though the Titanic had gaping holes in several places.  It is due to the ship’s continued sailing speed that the unsinkable ship met its fate. Two things to take away from this story and the lies that were told:   1)  The GREEDY and EGOTISTICAL owners put their company’s reputation and financial welfare ahead of enough lives to inhabit a small village and 2) The man who knew the truth lied until he died to protect the company and salvage his own future.  On that April evening, had the owners followed the Captain’s protocol and let the Titanic float, it is believed that all aboard the “World’s Greatest Ship” would have been saved.  The message we learn–the very behavior that drowned that vessel in 1912 is identical to that which crippled and nearly destroyed America’s economy.  Are we humans really so broken, so greedy, so stupid that we can’t learn from past mistakes or will it take an entire country’s demise before we catch on? New HD Video from the Titanic

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