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The Batman Economy

21 Jul 2008

Lines wrapped around theaters and extended for several blocks as Americans swarmed movie houses to see the latest Batman installment. The film grossed $155 million in less than three days and is expecting to pull in almost a quarter of a billion dollars in its first week. In fact, helped by the flick, Hollywood saw more income this past weekend than any other time in movie history.

Meanwhile, high end stereos, HD televisions and decked out computers are selling at a better pace today than they were last year. Not to mention the record setting sales of the new I-phone. These stories should be on the front page with bold-type since so many are telling us that our economy is crashing and a single bank line reminded certain people of the Great Depression.

We are not even near the same place today as we were during that time. People went without food and lived in shanty towns—few had the money for phones, computers and Batman movies at the IMAX. Yes, we are all facing a time when we need to be creative but talk of a depression and people jumping out of window s due to bank failure are just plain wrong.

Business goes in cycles and so do economies and since most of us know this we can dismiss the media’s continual pounding of their collective chests in an effort to create stories that sell more papers and garner greater audiences even if it cripples the rest of the country. Batman has proved, for most of us, we can live lives contradictory to well conceived headlines

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