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Terrorists get desperate

28 Jul 2008

I have yet another success story from Iraq. I know, those of you who wanted us to pull out and declare defeat months, if not years ago, hate these stories. But, the report still needs to be shared and it’s not the kind you would call a success—at first. Over the weekend four suicide bombers killed 57 and wounded over 300 Iraqi citizens.

How do I find something positive with that kind of death and destruction? The suicide bombers were all women. Chief rebel rouser Muqtada al Sadr is seen as passé and General David Petraeus says his generals say Iraqis believe the war is over. This is a good sign. The culture in the Middle East is that a woman is defiled if she is frisked by a male and so the terrorists are changing things up in a last ditch effort to destabilize by frenzied killing. Only desperation causes this kind of behavior which tells us that once again we have reason to hope in Iraq. If I were the top dog, the solution would be simple—let members or our and the Iraqi military pat down any female at any time and explain that this is in direct response to the bombings. Stop evil men with one tactic and just as evil women with another and the message gets sent with each.

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July 28, 2008 10:44 pm Reply

Ankarlo would find “good news” from Iraq even if the entire country burned down. He’s the biggest cheerleader Arizona has for the war besides McCain.

So he says that Petraeus said that generals said that Iraqis said the war is over. You gotta be kidding? How about ask the people of Iraq directly? Somewhere between 50% to 60% of Iraqi civilians believe our troops are the enemy. There are multiple sources for this. This is what Ankarlo refuses to acknowledge. But he swallows up any 4th-hand knowledge of what the Iraqis “believe” from the same people who lied to us about Pat Tilman and Jessica Lynch.


July 29, 2008 5:26 pm Reply

Say meester And carlo, yeah it’s me, I’m mister can’t ever be serious, actually I did want to say I’m a new listener but now that I’ve heard the show I’ll be tuning in regularly. I laughed out loud monday 28th at your bit about your bathroom misadventures, it was your sense of humor I laughed at not your misadventures I might add. It’s a great show please keep up the good work. By the way I am aware that your name is Darrell Ankarlo for the record. Take ‘er east my man!



July 29, 2008 5:28 pm Reply

That was supposed to be take ‘er easy not east..

July 29, 2008 6:46 pm Reply

Well, if you say Your Vote will count! Then someone needs to ask in an open question with hopes of a true answer the same thing Kucinich asked the House.
“What responsibility do the President and his Administration have for that unnessary, unprovoked and unjustified war.” Illegal war for Oil. What would John McCain answer be to that being that he wants to be Commander and Chief and the President of the United States.

July 29, 2008 8:18 pm Reply

HMMMM Great Oz Ankarlo, lets take a drive down Pentagon General Strausse!
The Ahmad Chalibi coup de Oil Reconciliation Theology made for Fox Television.
General McKierman, General Wallace, General Abizaid, General Pace, Admiral Fallon, General Shinseki, General Ricardo Sanchez, General Zinni, General Casey, and Mr. Falluja “Paul Wolfowitz”, and let us not forget Northrup Grumman very own for profit only General Myers. Then we and only then should someone ask The Supreme Commander of the West Petraeus what the conditions on the ground are. Old man McCain, does his Ho Chi Minh Trail through the mean streets of Bahgdad (it was great for the GOP but bad for the rest of America) tour of no duty “We have drawn down to Pre-Surge Levels” because the “truth matters” when he speaks is just Poppy! We here Poppy is up. Oil Reconciliation, and Poppy. Looks like Iran-Contra all over again.

July 30, 2008 6:25 pm Reply

In war there is one rule, you do whatever it takes to win, or you lose.

When you lose you have no power to do anything and you don’t get to decide what happens to you. Look at all of history and see what happened to the Nations who lost, the winners move in, reorganize borders, and change government leadership. We cannot afford to lose.

We have freedoms that most of the world does not, simply because we took outside provocation and flipped it to the extreme; just look any war we have been in.

We have to respond and react to the female bombers or innocent people will continue to die. While diplomacy should be observed it should be addressed in a manner that tells the general public of Iraq that we will not back down bar none. In fact when we withdraw from Iraq we should make it clear that we will not tolerate and sit around when we are attacked.

August 9, 2008 2:57 pm Reply

The Evolution and Method of the Fags taking over the U.S. White House and the U.S. Government along with all the Youth of the United States.

It honestly took me over 30 years to finally figure out how these Fags have taken over our country white house and handed over the souls of our youth to Satan on a silver platter.

Listen up and read every morsel of this page because it will probably be the only page on the Internet that has a non fag survivor like myself (Mr. Gabriel De La Vega Jr.) actually dissecting what the hell is going on with our government, children and my dead fellow soldiers who died in vain on the instructions and direct orders of a fag government.

I served in the armed forces and every time a soldier dies for this country and then the news is publically posted on the news station the process bites me deep in my soul to know one of my fellow straight (non fag) honest fighting men died for the fag trash we now have in the white house and U.S. fagatized government.

When I was a teen ager in the early 70’s the news stations used to always broadcast every now and then a fag bashing. Fag bashing continued heavily though out the 70’s then it started to die down in the 80’s and 90’s and today it happens every now and then in Kansas but it doesn’t make big news simply because the fags have secretly subtly suppressed their enemies, which are the straight male people of the world who don’t wear earrings in their ear and have people try to guess if they’re a fag or not.

If you are a straight male and not a fag, you are simply an enemy of the fags like it or not. Even if you feel no hatred towards these fags or violent thoughts you are still un -doubt -ally the fags enemy, and the fags of the world are hot on your trail like it or not.

These fags are financially attacking us straight males by promising job security then they stab us in back with a financial knife when were not looking by failing to provide retirement money and work you to death then discard you like a used rubber once you turn 60 or retirement age.

Another strategy these fags have is positioning straight males in a life and death work environment and playing with us straight male’s as if we were animals in a computer video game.

So be alert and aware of what’s really happening to your country and children in the short and long term future of the world we live in especially the United States of America pay especial attention if you are a 110% straight male American citizen

Personally I’m actually 300%+ STRAIGHT!!!!!!!!! And these fags know it…

These angels of Satan the disgraceful fags know I’m their enemy and have tried many times to place me in dangerous situations just like my fellow soldiers who are now placed in life and death situations overseas and also under the same umbrella of our lethal fag politicians and American corporate decision makers here in the United States.

The goal is to kill as many of us straight people as possible for the survival of their fag demonic race and new World Order as some people call it.

Yes, I said it!

These fags are a race of their own and they are multiplying every day like ants.

Ask yourself,

Is your neighbor a fag?

Is your boss a fag?

Are the lesbians next door getting eggs transplanted in their vagina and raising a new race of lesbian newborn male fags?

Is the school teacher teaching your kid a fag?

Is the senator of Idaho a fag part time in the men’s stall at the Airport?

These are all important questions to ask your selves.

The fags developed a secret weapon about 20 years ago and it has been taking America down a brick at a time.

What’s the difference between Fags and straight males? The answer is children…

When serious Fags have no children because they are serious Fags they devised a method of hurting their enemies. The enemies of all fags like it or not are the straight males of this country?

That method is wage garnishments of a man’s paycheck for being straight as a board.

Face the fact with the quality of the women in today’s society a very straight old fashioned man does not have a chance against the rights of an American woman and eventually child support kicks in and the fags have won the war without a battle.

Do you now understand or at least beginning to understand?

To start a business you need a large sum of money or else good credit.

If you have ever been served with child support odds are…

You are a straight male who has a flaky credit history and can not get a business loan because of child support. The result is the fag or woman gets all the loans and owns all the businesses.

The immense power the fags have is: their income has never been tampered with which gives them the credit to borrow money and make the straight male subjected to the rules and regulations of fags.

That fag authority is then transferred to your children via television and the position of authority fags have simply because the banks will loan them money and not the straight individual male who is the foundation of America and the world.

That’s why most people work for a fag or else maybe a Jewish fag.

All the traditional values that were handed down through honest Christian families and then spread out through out the work environment have be eroded by fags owning the Corporations and giving our country away to who ever wants to exploit it.

The fags have used their buying power to buy votes television spots and have entered our school curriculum and ousted all the straight teachers into the homeless shelters or else their death bed and have raised a new culture of kids with earrings in their ears and brainwashed our children’s minds with Fag Nazi Totalitarian propaganda on television and the public airways.

The Child Support law is what has brought America to its knees.

This country with out male Christian straight business owners and imposter preacher’s in the church has eroded this country which is now being run by the angles of Satan which are the fags.

My solution to the problem is to recognize and legally kill all the fags one by one just like the country of Iran implements on a day to day basis.

What your solution is I really don’t know…?

Straight America, please Wake Up! And fight for your country!!!

P.S. All you fags in America and the World eat shit and die if you are reading this page!!!!!!!

Gabriel De La Vega Jr.


Fax: 480-304-4825


Source: http://www.taxibabblermouth.com August 8, 2008

Source: www. en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Totalitarianism

Written by: Gabriel De La Vega Jr.

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