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Tea Partiers–RUN from this Song!

19 Oct 2010

I’m an Independent voter, that is, I vote as an American before voting for a party. I will admit that I am an unwavering conservative and have never voted for a liberal at the national level–simply because I know the damage they will do there. But, on the local level, over the years I have found a democrat or libertarian that could catch my vote. This is the year of the Tea Party with people finally getting involved with the issues at a grass-roots level. Though we know of its origins at a Boston harbor so many years ago, it was also a recent phenomenon.  About 11 or 12 years ago radio host Dave Ramsey and I encouraged Tennessee voters to send tea bags to legislators there as we worked to stop a proposed state income tax–We The People ultimately prevailed and a tea party movement had accomplished it’s goals in The Volunteer State. Personally, I like a lot of the issues the Tea Party folks are putting forth: No new taxes, stop Federal spending, no forced Federal healthcare etc. These are fiscally conservative issues and I support them fully.

However, I must admit that I’m a bit more than freaked out by the official theme song of the Tea Party movement. In fact, I’m embarrassed for everyone involved in making it. I’m going to give you the song and the lyrics in a second but let me put a few others songs in your head that are dated, whacky and when you hear them now (years later) you wonder, “What were they thinking?!” Sadly, the same will be true for this nutty Tea Party anthem. Yikes. It will join the ranks of songs like:

Okay, now that I’ve put those stupid songs in your head–something you will no doubt hate me for–here is the official Tea Party theme song. The lyrics, no, what’s represented in the lyrics is excellent. But, the word flow and music takes me back to some of the worst 70′s songs in history. I may hear one or two of the above mentioned songs and sing along in a goofy way if I’m alone in my car. But if you asked me to list my favorite million songs–none would make the list. And, they wouldn’t make your top songs list either so don’t be giving me any lip.

Listen, judge it and leave a comment. It’s called The Tea Party Express.

Hang on, where’s that Disco Duck song again? Mash Duck and Convoy together and it sounds just like the “Express” song? Yeeeikes!

I do realize that Obama had his share of songs (some with very cute women in the videos) and even McCain had a couple but nothing compares to this. But, just like the aforementioned songs–I bet you’ll be singing the first few lines (And will doubly hate me for it)–come on, you can do it, “We’re the Tea Party Express and we’re rockin’ thru your town…”

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October 19, 2010 2:46 pm Reply

I know you had a head injury and all, but that is really no excuse to force this on us. Wow!

October 19, 2010 4:26 pm Reply

Who made this the “official theme song” of the Tea Party movement and whence comes their authority to do so?

October 20, 2010 11:59 am Reply

Ankarlo… I know you asked us not to shoot the messenger, but I’m looking for my gun after this trio (well quartet) of awful songs.

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