Darrell’s First Book: What Went Wrong with America and How to Fix It! is a MUST READ during these tough and interesting political and economic times. As you turn the pages of this powerful, historical boo, you will experience the journey from the formation of America to present day. Ankarlo shines a light on some startling realities; realities that may destroy America if we don’t act.

Read these details and more:

  • The 45 Communist Goals from the Cold War and how we have embraced each one as our own.
  • Darrell’s keynote speech on the myth of Separation of Church and State and what a judge said to him after he was finished.
  • See how actress Susan Sarandon inspired the first Texas United rally that led to other rallies with over a half million citizens and how it was almost canceled.
  • Join Darrell as he leads the state of Tennessee in a tax revolt that ousted a Governor and saved taxpayers a ton of money!
  • The steps to take to run for office–provided by member of Congress and a big city mayor.
  • Darrell fought the number one rap group in America on their obscene lyrics and stage performance and WON!
  • How Rush Limbaugh saved Democracy in America–sort of!
  • What might happen if Conservatives give up the fight!

Fox News’ Bill O’Reilly

“Darrell’s Ankarlo’s call for Americans to get involved is of vital importance. His book tells you how to do it.

Matt C.

“I read your book and fought our homeowner’s association because you taught me how to get involved. We won!!”

Janet P.

“After reading your book my non-profit has ordered 45 copies. it’s about time that someone who is proud of America has finally written a book that is so empowering.”

Glenn Beck

“Darrell was tired of screaming at the protesters on TV but not doing anything about it. He wanted to be the person who bakes the cookies and gives them away, not the person who eats them. He decided to stop talking to the TV and take action…Now it’s your turn. Who are you? What do you believe in? What do you hope America looks like when our children are our age?


“This book is worth the money just for the chapters on the foundation of the country and our fight against those who have a definitive agenda against America. Ankarlo you have taught me that I CAN make a difference! God Bless you.”

Mrs. S.

“The 45 Communist Goals and how they have all infiltrated the USA’s psyche blew me away. The information you provided from your research should be read by anyone who loves this country.”

US Congressman Pete Sessions

“Reading this book is enough to renew one’s patriotism and hope to remind the reader of what it means to be an American…I expect this book to put even avowed pessimists on the road to restored Faith in America.”


“The book is outstanding and should be read by ALL Christians, so that they have a better understanding of their vital role in saving our country.”

Tony E

“I have thoguth about running for office for years, but never knew all how to do it. Now I do! Darrell, I may have to hire you as my campaign manager! Thanks so much.

What Went Wrong With America…And How to Fix It is just $18 plus S/H

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