Ankarlo's Undercover Trip to Mexico CD

Ankarlo’s Historic Undercover Trip to Mexico all on CD. Listen as Ankarlo and his team cross into Mexico, broadcast there and sneak across the US border–just like illegal immigrants do.

You will also hear:

  • A face-to-face encounter with coyotes as it happened live as they were helping people cross the border illegally.
  • Interview with Armando. An illegal immigrant saved by Ankarlo and his team while they trekked through the Arizona desert and how the US Border Patrol reacted when was he was handed over to them.
  • Run-ins with the Mexican Military, Policia and a jacker. All in ONE Mexican town.
  • Interviews with real people living in shanty houses in Mexico with no running water.
  • Ankarlo and his team’s raw emotions and experiences as their trip unfolded.
  • Hear Ankarlo cross from Mexico into the US, without papers, in six seconds.

The complete audio CD is available for $10 plus S/H.

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