ILLEGALS: the new book by Darrell Ankarlo

ILLEGALS: The Unacceptable Cost of America’s Failure to Control It’s Borders is the long awaited paperback version of Another Man’s Sombrero but with some major overhauling. After Arizona passed SB1070, a law that would give more power to law enforcement to help them fight the multi-billion dollar crime of illegal entry into the USA, Ankarlo went to work to chronicle the difference between the AZ, Federal and Mexican laws relating to illegal immigration. What he uncovered, which can only be found in ILLEGAL is not being discussed on either side of the border but are major issues that every American should know about regardless of your position on the immigration issues of this country.

National radio and television talk show host Glenn Beck says, “Instead of complaining about the ‘Border Problem,’ Darrell Ankarlo set out to do something about it–he went there and lived it! In ILLEGALS, Darrell provides a real and raw ‘boots on the ground’ look at our increasingly lawless southern border. This edition…will make you shake your head and say ‘no way’ as you’re presented with true stories and experiences about life along the border. This book will enlighten you and at times frighten you, but in the end you’ll know better than most politicians what’s really happening at the border.”

Says one top level publishing industry insider, “I was expecting a typical right-wing rant but what I found was a compassionate and uncanny knack at storytelling; I felt like I was on the trip with you and you presented both sides of the immigration battle better than anyone I’ve ever read. Bravo!”

In this account of Darrell Ankarlo’s undercover trip to Mexico and his re-entry into the USA without papers you will discover a world you never knew existed including:

  • The Rape Tree. What awaits the majority of women who sneak across the US/Mexican border.
  • Armando. An illegal immigrant saved by Ankarlo and his team while they trekked through the Arizona desert and how the US Border Patrol reacted when he was handed over to them.
  • The fees and shopping lists every illegal immigrant knows before they begin their journey.
  • How the Mexican military and crime units are infiltrating US cities.
  • Drop House Horror stories. Darrell takes you into these houses in US cities that are used for torture, ransom, rape and murder by telling actual stories and providing inside pictures.

Steve writes:

What a great book, what a great book, what a great book. I can’t say it enough. I wish there was a way to make everyone with any opinion on the immigration issue read this. It provided, in my opinion, such an unbiased look at ALL sides involved in the illegal immigration into this country.

Aileen says:

I am almost finished reading your book and it is hard to put down. I think ti is a book that every person in Arizona, New Mexico, California and Texas should read. Of course, all of America should read it and also very maddening…I plan to recommend your book to everyone I know and more.

Jackson says:

I thought I knew just what was at stake with illegal immigration issues but I had barely scratched the surface until I found your book. I am devastated to believe this stuff is happening in my country.

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