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Sheriff Vs. Mayor is Getting Old

15 Jul 2008

On Tuesday’s show (July 15) Mayor Phil Gordon and Sheriff Joe joined me to continue their long-running feud and may I say, very divisive feud. Arpaio had said this in the news, “let’s start off with the mayor of Phoenix. Thank you mayor for going to the Justice Department asking me to be investigated.” The mayor took shots at the Sheriff’s mental well being by saying, “the bizarre behavior the sheriff is exhibiting…is continuing evidence that the pressure of the office (and his)…decision making ability has been severely impacted”. And so it was on.

The two men called each other “politicians,” “liars” and took multiple cheap shots. And I played referee. I know both men pretty well and when they are apart they’re usually quiet and unpretentious. But mention the other guy’s name and eyes start to bulge, veins pop out and voices are raised. This is out of control and is counterproductive to keeping the Valley safe and moving forward. People in other parts of the country actually laugh when I mention that I’m from Phoenix because they’ve heard of the war. No, not the war on illegal immigrants—the war between the Hatfields and McCoys (er, Phil Gordon and Joe Arpaio). Remember, it’s an election year. The governor and Mayor Phil are Democrats and Sheriff Joe is a Republican. Is this playing a role in the spat? I have zero doubt—and it’s just plain wrong.

Are Phoenix cops fighting illegal immigrants? Of course. Are the Sheriff’s deputies taking care of business? There is no doubt. It’s time for these two personalities who have made the drama over illegal immigration very personal to call a cease fire. Now. Before someone really gets hurt.

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July 18, 2008 8:45 pm Reply

Well Ankarlo…you are to blame to. You came to the Valley “transplanted” from the East…and the only thing you have done is to CONTRIBUTE TO THE HATRED AND THE INTOLERANCE. What tangible solution have you suggested?

July 22, 2008 5:17 pm Reply

this is why the mayor has to go. for someone to impede the enforcement of the law is just not what an elected official should be doing.

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