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Politics and Murder

04 Oct 2010

30 year old David Hartley and his 29 year old wife, Tiffany loved to have fun. They craved adventure and enjoyed seeing new things but their trip to the once quiet Falcon Lake was more than they bargained for as this fishing and boating lake turned into a bloody massacre. As the two were heading back to shore after a sightseeing trip to an old half-submerged mission church on the Mexican side of the lake they saw three boats closing in fast. David and Tiffany gunned their jet skis for safety as bullets riddled David’s ski and splashed in the water near Tiffany. Then, the unthinkable, on US property, known pirates and terrorists from a foreign country shot David in the head. Tiffany stopped to pull her life’s partner onto her ski but couldn’t do it. Finally, doing the only thing possible, Tiffany left her dead, or dying, husband behind and gunned her ski towards shore where she was helped by an unnamed Good Samaritan.

All of this happened on a dammed portion of the Rio Grande that connects for 16 miles near Old Guerrero Mexico and Laredo, Texas. Besides boating and professional fishing tournaments (That were stopped last year), a popular site to visit is the water-filled mission church in Old Guerrero. On Thursday, as September came to a close, America was again attacked IN OR NEAR US TERRITORY by TERRORISTS. These are not just criminals. The people engaging in this behavior are full-fledged murderers. Terrorists. And America continues to look the other way. According to the Texas DPS, the “pirates use either AK 47s or AR-15s,” to scare, commandeer boats and murder citizens.  

Were there border patrol agents available? Answer: There are too many miles and too few agents. What about those 1,200 National Guardsmen the president promised to send? Most are doing desk duty. In fact, in Arizona, the number one passageway into the US from the south–only 30 Guardsmen have been deployed. 30!

The news media are covering this story but only a few politicians dare to touch it just like they won’t touch the story of the man who was chopped into pieces–Dexter style–and reassembled on a much travelled street in Juarez, Mexico, just minutes outside America–a statement to both border countries.

And what about the California governor’s race? One candidate may have knowingly used an illegal alien as her maid for over 9 years. Still no one in politics will discuss it.

We raise the US threat color whenever America is at high risk for a terrorist attack. Indeed, based on our intelligence European countries are under hightened alert for possible terrorist strikes. The news talks about it. Politicians use it as a platform. But, when it comes to actual terrorists killing US citizens ON US PROPERTY they run for the hills because they “need” the Latino vote. Well get this: Americans of Latin or Latino descent are NOT stupid. They know when they’re played and they know how serious this border issue is and the MAJORITY of them want the same solution as the rest of We The People desire.

As for Tiffany–she’s waiting for the return of her dead husband so she may grieve in peace.

NBC Nightly News’ Report (Including the 911 calls):

Fox News with Congressman Louie Gohmert (R-Texas) who is actually one of the brave politicians willing to get involved!

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October 5, 2010 2:05 pm Reply

On Fox they reported it was in the Mexican side of the border. That does not really matter as an American was murdered for no reason and our President does nothing.

October 06 2010 00:04 am

And what should he do? Invade Mexico for the sake of an irresponsible idiot that went into a pre-known war zone?

October 6, 2010 11:57 am Reply

A known WAR zone.?! well if we at at war with Mexico our President should lead. Instead he promotes Mexico and 11 other country to sue Az an American state. The great divider.
Instead of submitting to Mexico, our ” leader” should be protecting the interest of American not foreign nations. I believe there is a little bit in the Constitution about protecting our borders.
Are we at war with Mexico? Then we need to change our ways.

October 07 2010 01:02 am

Yep....WAR ZONE between the Narco-Cartels and the Mexican Government.

October 6, 2010 11:59 am Reply

The man was murdered leaving a grieving wife and you call him an idiot. Shame on you.

October 07 2010 01:01 am

Yes, only because he was shot committing a stupid act does not exempt him from being an idiot. Have you ever heard about PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY/

October 7, 2010 1:19 pm Reply

And your personal responsibility is to have SOME comppassion and choose your words from a more intelligent vocabulary. Maybe what they did was foolish, but that does not make them fools. They were going to see a mission that is a tourist attraction…attractive to tourists. The Mexican government and the US should have been prepared to protect tourist.

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