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Perspectives or Evidence?

12 Nov 2010

Posts will be short and sweet for a while because after the major back surgery I’m not supposed to be sitting at my office desk for extended periods.

I was watching the various morning news channels this morning as I usually do and the #1 story on all channels was the return to port of the crippled cruise liner.  In fact, reporters from our local stations raced to San Diego to speak with the poor-pained people lived and up-closes.  One one channel, the reporter told the story in true US news reporting style, voice lowered and steely eyes looking at the camera with all the bold strong “Reporting from the scene” nonsense they could muster.  Then they cut back to the in studio anchor/host who had two passengers ready to spill their guts.

They were newlyweds and this was their honeymoon.  I’ll admit a little pity for their lost pleasure but on the other hand, they’ll have one heck of a story to tell.  Anyway, they explained that they ate dried cereal for breakfast and mostly tuna and salmon and fruits.  If someone had been in my media room with me they would have heard me yelling, “What?!  Are you kidding me?  Tuna and salmon and you’re complaining?”  Sometimes we Americans just suck.  We are just strait out spoiled.

Then the next story came up and not only was it proving my point, it was also a sad commentary on what we call real “news” today.  Remember, we help to dictate what is really newsworthy. The cruise ship story got several minutes and was #1; this story was a “mention” as we call it in the media business.  There, on the screen, was a five-year-old-boy, eyes swollen shut, flies nipping at his being and a make-shift IV slung over a piece of wood as he clung to dear life from cholera brought on by poor water and food conditions.  As the poor child lay dying all I could think about was their counterparts from the states saying, “We mostly had dry cereal, tuna, salmon and fruits to exist on.” As if to say, “we were lucky to make it back alive.”  Ouch.

If we don’t soon slap ourselves in the face, God most certainly will and we’ll deserve it!

I have been fortunate enough to enjoy a few cruises and know exactly what their food rations are.  I’ve also been fortunate enough to visit the interiors of third world countries.  As humans, with a bunch of years on this planet we will reward ourselves and families with cruises, DisneyWorlds, SeaWorlds etc and there is nothing wrong with this!  But, let’s also be mindful of those who do without, here and abroad, and make an effort to at least a little to make their lives more tolerable—livable.

Word came this afternoon that the five-year-old child passed away.  His emaciated body finally gave up the ghost.  I wonder how things would have turned out if he had filtered water and a tuna fish sandwich or two?

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November 13, 2010 9:58 am Reply

I’ve heard it said, that if everyone gave back ten percent like the Bible tells us, there would be no need for welfare, and there would be no poverty. The only thing God asks us to test Him on, is His willingness to bless us, when we bless others!!

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