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Obama Chooses Jesus

28 Sep 2010

Is he a Muslim or not? That has been the one billion dollar question (Trivia: The 2008 presidential campaign cost just over a billion bucks!). But today in a down home country setting President Barack Obama seemed to make it clear when he said, “I’ve chosen Christianity…” (I’ve included the video.) Soon everyone will be busy dissecting his every hem and haw and stutter, and no doubt there were many. But, this man who has yet to connect with a church home (Come on, is he really alone there?), worked hard to ride the edges of the Evangelical Movement to appease church-goers without annihilating a good many non-Christians so he could say something like, “But I’ve always said I’m a Believer” all the while keeping Muslims around the world guessing.

Though one could tell he was choosing every single word as though it might be his last, President Obama finally spent a bit more than 90 seconds declaring his Faith. (Bet that’s more than most Christians in the US will do in a month!) He spoke of being raised in a non-churchgoing environment but chose Jesus Christ’s precepts of doing good to others and loving thy neighbor. That’s hallelujah stuff! But the altar call (Oops, my Pentecostal preacher’s kid heritage is coming out of me.) was when he spoke of accepting Jesus Christ and how it is the Grace of God that has sealed the deal. If you were in some of the church services I attended as a boy all Mr. Obama needed to do was grab a handkerchief and people would be dancing in the aisles. This was hot-summer-night-tent-revival-preaching!! Minus the enthusiasm perhaps.

I’m sure you’re waiting for the other shoe to drop here aren’t you? You’re waiting for me to say something like, “The democrats are in a real bind and need a few Jesus-loving republicans and independents to jump ship.” Yes, I have serious questions about some of the current Administration’s moves and decisions but since when do I get to look at a fellow human who says he has committed himself to THE Savior and call him a liar? Unless we see ongoing methodical personal failures proving the contrary none of us has that right.

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Has President Obama really found God? I guess that’s going to be a private issue between just the two of them.

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September 28, 2010 11:13 pm Reply


A good post. I heard another national host totally dismiss the President’s words this afternoon, and it just made me sad. I didn’t vote for the President, and I think his policies have put the country in danger, but it’s not my place to judge whether the President, or anyone else, is a Christian. Christians can’t even always agree on what that means! I’ll leave it to God. He’s the only perfect judge.

September 29, 2010 12:33 am Reply

Although I am glad to hear our President stating that Christianity is his choice…I don’t see him living his faith. Part of being a Christian is worshiping our Lord. This is what I would like to see to make me feel he truely is living his faith.

September 29, 2010 8:20 pm Reply

What you’re saying makes sense ~ it’s logical. Somehow though, I can’t believe a word that comes out of his mouth. Sad. But true.

September 29, 2010 10:49 pm Reply

Anyone with eyes to see & ears to hear can tell he’s being completely forthright in this clip and his statments are heartfelt. Those so cynical to doubt him on this point.. well.. that’s between them & God as well I suppose. You do NOT have to go to church every Sunday to be a Christian – or even a GOOD Christian. And going to church every Sunday certainly doesn’t make you a Christian. Faith in God isn’t something you need to prove to other people. You only have to prove it to yourself & God. That’s it.
I personally think the only reason his faith has been called into question is to poke at him on a subject THEY think he’s not “strong” on. But it’s not very Christian, is it?? LOL. What is this, the middle ages? Next he’ll be accused of witchcraft because he’s not in church every Sunday. Geez people. And what if he’s not a Christian EXACTLY LIKE YOU?? How many Christian churches & denominations exist? Petty & ridiculous.

September 30, 2010 12:43 am Reply

I just go to the word of God. In Matthew the disciples asked Christ. “how well they know us ,Lord” and He said , by your love and your works. If I see him acting in love and compassion, then I will be beleive him, the bible also says, Many well come and say Lord Lord but didnt I preach in your name and cast out demons, and the Lord will say,depart me from me I never knew you. He warns of false prophets and teachers. We are to have our guard up and keep aware.

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