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Lawmakers Pass Bill to Block Protesters

11 Jan 2011

By Michael.

Seems like the people in Arizona have a beef with the Westboro Baptist Church, as do multiple cities across the nation.  According to ABC 15 in Phoenix AZ, lawmakers have blocked the WBC or any protest group from being within 300 feet for an hour before and a hour after a funeral.  Take that Rev. Phelps!!  Arizona is not a state to mess around with–ask the Federal Government, we don’t back down from a fight.

No matter the legislature’s ruling you really MUST hear Darrell’s “conversation” (and that’s putting it lightly) with the good ol’ Rev. Let’s put it this way, Dboy was about to blow a gasket by the time he was done.  You can hear it in his blog titled:  ”Don’t Get Me Started.”  It’s funny and quite sad all at the same time.

From abc15.com
Posted: 6:04 AM
Last Updated: 5 minutes ago

By: ABC15.com staff
By: Jodie Heisner
TUCSON, AZ – Arizona lawmakers have just passed emergency legislation to protect mourners from protestors during planned funerals in Tucson this week.

The radical Westboro Baptist Church earlier announced plans to protest the funerals of the victims in the Tucson shooting from Saturday.

The church has caused outrage in the past when it protested military funerals in other states.

Arizona State Representative Kyrsten Sinema said when she heard of the plans, she got downright angry and decided to take action.

Sinema sponsored Senate Bill 1101 and got some help from fellow legislators.

“We patterned legislation after Ohio’s law which is constitutional, it’s been upheld in court, and I got permission from the speaker and the senate president to wave the rules,” Sinema said.

That bill was passed just before 3 p.m. Tuesday, and is expected to be signed by Governor Brewer, tonight.

“The bill requires them to be at least 300 feet away from the funeral from an hour before the funeral starts to an hour after it ends and that way people can grieve and love in peace,” Sinema said.

The legislation is said to be similar to what 40 other states have currently adopted.

The first funerals for victims are Thursday and Friday. Sinema said she hopes this will protect the families.

Sinema said, “I’m a strong advocate of the First Amendment and the bottom line is this, Fred Phelps and his group of people can still spew their hate if they want. They just don’t get to do it close to the families that are grieving. They have to be farther away.”

House Speaker Kirk Adams said it was an important moment for Arizona to do what is right.

“Protesting or picketing outside the funeral of an innocent victim is despicable. It’s time to bring Arizona in line with the many other states that protect the sensitivities of victims against groups that use fear and hate to denigrate the lives of Americans.”

A Facebook page has been set up to help stop the protests.

Called “Stop the Hate,” the page lists its mission as, “‘We will create a wall of humanity to allow the families who’ve lost their love ones to hold their funerals in peace, held with dignity, and surrounded in love. Tucson unite!”

Visit the page on Facebook here

Copyright 2011 Scripps Media, Inc. All rights reserved. This material may not be published, broadcast, rewritten, or redistributed.

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January 11, 2011 4:20 pm Reply

[...] This post was mentioned on Twitter by WendyGav. WendyGav said: RT @CnsrvtvReActvst: Lawmakers pass bill to block protesters http://bit.ly/dKB0iU #az #bordersecurity [...]

January 11, 2011 5:18 pm Reply

It amazes me that WBC identifies themselves as Baptists. This is NOT Christ-like behavior and as Christians, our actions should reflect WWJD! My brother is a technician for the country artist Ronnie Milsap and back in December, WBC showed up to picket one of Ronnie’s concerts. He learned that prior to Ronnie’s concert was a Sesame Street show that they picketed as well. WBC will go anywhere that they know a crowd will gather. They don’t care about what kind of an event it is, just as long as they can spew their hatred. So, my brother went out to take photos with some of these picketers to rattle them and “love on them”. This is the feedback he gave me. “Westboro Baptist picketed our Ronnie Milsap Christmas show last night with their “God hates ****” signs! One woman was yelling at me asking me if I was drunk. I replied, “no Mam!” She then asked me if I was high. I replied no Mam! She then said “you probably smoke cigarettes!” I said, “no Mam!” She then said, “you are probably going to go in and show Ronnie Milsap these photos you just took!” I said no Mam, Ronnie’s blind!”

They are clueless. My point is that I think it is a step in the absolute right direction to keep them as far away as possible from people that are grieving and suffer loss. I believe that they have every right to do what they do even though it may leave us scratching our heads in confusion, but they need to back off from people that are suffering. And in the meantime we need to find the grace to pray for the picketers, because they are the ones that are truly lost.

January 29, 2011 2:46 pm Reply

I clicked on the facecrack link (well, it is addicting) to the Stop the Hate page, and, am sad to see that facebook has blocked the ability to update the page. I guess facebook sees stopping hate as a violation of the first amendment. How sad. I love the idea of joining a human wall of love around the people attending the funeral. What a gesture, to protect those weaker than ourselves in their time of need. There’s no greater love. . .

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