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July 29, 2008

29 Jul 2008

Today on Ankarlo Mornings: New housing numbers show prices dipping over 20% in May for Phoenix, Las Vegas and Miami. When will they bounce back? The housing crisis is so bad an Extreme Make Over house from the hit show on ABC is up for foreclosure. Turns out the owners mortgaged the house in order to invest in a construction business. The business failed and they are out of a home. How can you mortgage something, no matter what the purpose, that was donated to and built by volunteers?

Also, a Mr. T. “Snickers” commercial is so offensive it has been banned from television. Why? Because Mr. T. shoots “Snickers” bars from a make shift gun at a speed walker while saying, “you’re a disgrace to the man race.” Keep crying.

In the final hour, Ankarlo says we let our children use the internet too much.

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