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Jesse the Race Industrialist

17 Jul 2008


In my latest book, Another Man’s Sombrero, I describe the racial industrialists—people who have made a living by keeping racial divides alive and well in this country. My perfect example has always been Mr. Rainbow Coalition, The Reverend Jesse Jackson. I know we caught him in early July talking about his desire to castrate Barack Obama but now we know he also used the “N” word in the same conversation.

To be certain, this is Jackson’s position on the word, “we are urging people to stop using the degrading word n***** because we deserve better than that”. It’s degrading, right? So why do you use it sir? Because you’re black and you can? Nope. Not fair—to anyone. Either it’s right or wrong and especially in the context you used it while demeaning the presidential candidate. This is the same guy who led protests against Seinfeld star Michael Richards and radio personality Don Imus. He did all he could to wipe out their careers because he said they were racist. And you aren’t sir? You’re perhaps the worst kind because you need the problems to persist so you have an income.

Race Industrialists are everywhere—to be sure, they’re right here in the Valley. Look at the new lawsuits aimed at Sheriff Joe. He enforces immigration laws and those who want open borders sue him and perpetuate the rift. See, they are everywhere. But, now that we’ve caught one in the act—maybe it will be easier for us to recognize the true stripes of the others.

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July 18, 2008 2:51 pm Reply

Perfectly said. He has nothing if Obama becomes President.

But let’s hope that doesn’t happen.

July 18, 2008 3:25 pm Reply

Ankarlo & Rob,

I look forward to your show every day. As an African American, I believe you are fair and I find much of what you say and believe to be concurrent with my core beliefs. When I have disagreed, you guys have given me a fair chance to express my views and I appreciate that.
You are SO right on point with this one… Take a look at what one young lady from LA wrote to Mr. Jackson…

NAJEE ALI: An open letter to Rev. Jesse Jackson, Sr.

Najee Ali
Najee Ali

(July 10, 2008)

*Rev Jackson, your vulgar tirade caught on tape by Fox News where you said you wanted to cut Barack Obama’s nuts off and accusing him of talking down to Black folks by giving moral lectures at churches is the last straw for me and a
growing number of African Americans who are outraged at your comments.
There are many Blacks across the nation, myself included, who are appreciative for the work and contributions you have made in your civil rights
career. But at this point, you’re hurting Black America and Obama.
In September 2007 it was clear that you were frustrated by Obama, when you stated in an interview in South Carolina that Obama needs to stop acting white,
because you felt he was not engaged in the Jena 6 movement enough to your

Rev Jackson your continued verbal attacks on Obama are unwarranted it’s as
if you’re jealous that Obama has eclipsed you and both your campaigns for the
Democratic nomination by actually preparing to win it as the 2008 presumptive

Jesse Jackson & Barack Obama

For years you have been criticized as an ambulance chaser and opportunist.
Many of Dr. King’s insiders and aides say that King did not trust you. 40 years
ago in Memphis as King lay dying from an assassin’s bullet your first thought
and action was to smear your shirt with Dr. King’s blood.

You then proceeded to appear in Chicago the next day on several news
programs wearing the same shirt you deliberately smeared with his blood as if
you were the heir of King’s movement. Obama’s recent comments about Black
fathers not abandoning their children and accepting moral responsibility in our
lives is a lesson you apparently needed to learn when you were younger. If you
had, it may not have caused you to cheat on your wife and father a child out of
wedlock with a former staffer.

Maybe that’s what really bothered you about Obama’s message to the church
that Black fathers should be responsible for their children; you certainly
haven’t been.

Jesse Jackson and daughter Ashley

Living in Los Angeles I have watched your ten year old daughter Ashley
Laverne Jackson grow up. Over the years I have had the pleasure to spend several
holidays with your daughter including Christmas, her birthday parties and other
milestones in her life. I will never turn my back on Ashley her mom and their
family. It’s about providing friendship, support and love to them while you have
been missing in action.

Your daughter has never traveled or taken a trip with you, you have an
annual birthday party in Beverly Hills every year where your entire family is
welcome but your youngest child has only attended it once. She has had very
little contact with her siblings and has never even met her big brother
Congressman Jesse Jackson Jr, who apparently doesn’t want anything to do with
her. And allegedly (I believe it to be true ), he was the one to leak the
scandal to the media concerning your affair. Now don’t get me wrong, Obama is
not above reproach. He is a politician and is fair game to be fairly criticized
by you or anyone else. But to personally attack Obama is crossing the line.
Obama is not talking down to Black people; he wants you and other dead beat
dads to spend time and care for your children properly. The destruction of the
Black family and absentee fathers is a major problem in our community.

It’s a problem that King spoke out and fought against. 40 years after
King’s murder I can see why King didn’t trust you. If you can’t and won’t
sincerely help Obama in this historic run then at least stop attacking him.
Listen to Obama’s message of being a responsible father and start taking care of
your daughter Ashley.

Najee Ali

July 21, 2008 7:00 am Reply

I voted for Arpaio on your poll. I am not a resident of AZ but I support him.

Darrell, why did you leave Dallas? You arose to the masses (the march on Dallas) then left me without a voice! I wanted to sign up and carry a torch! I was pissed BEFORE the demanding marches. I am just glad that you have the support and backing to make the noise you are making. I wish I could make as much noise! I keep trying!

None of this has anything to do with J. Jackson and your take but it is still a comment.

July 22, 2008 9:58 pm Reply

I wonder what everyone else says about Obama while “clinging” to their microphones that we don’t hear. Could you imagine what Rush Limpbaugh actually says about Obama. Could you imagine what Hannity and his girlfriend says about Obama? Could you imagine what John McCain actually says about a 47 year old Constitutional Scholar that does know the difference between all the factions in the Middle East Region.

Jesse Jackson is a Black Man, a African American man, who probably despises the word, but so does every other black man, woman and child that says it out of frustration, stupidity and the mere fact that they too are black.

Based on the REAL ID, he was born before 1964 so he would have been purged with the rest of Black African Americans. It’s not right, but it’s also Black, and was once just a saying amongst blacks because that is what they thought they were just that and only that. No excuse for him saying but if he said in Barrack Obama’s presence and no one heard it, it would have been between them and only them. It would have had another meaning and not the Word of Phrase that many of yu think it did. It’s a black person world of their own, it’s said from time to time right or wrong. Black people didn’t care, because they saw it in a total different context!

America should stick to a man who fabricates weapons of mass destruction, and then can’t tell you who sent Anthrax to a U.S. Senator. Solve that instead of Jesse Jackson’s flagerant foul against Obama with the N word. I wouldn’t say it, and I don’t condon it but BIG DEAL! I think he just see’s him as “SAGGY BOTTOM NO BELT WEARING” The black community will take it one way and not worry about it the other way. It’s cultural, even if it’s 1865.

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