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Guess what? There’s a New Plan!

22 Sep 2010

Just in time for mid-term elections the Republicans have decided it is time to tell the world what their platform is for winning back Congress and to get America moving again.  I say this with all the love I can muster (Yes, dripping in sarcasm.) for our numerous great and wonderful politicians–from all sides–who jerk us around and tell us what they believe we want to hear.  My definition of a conservative comes as more of a comparison actually.  If I own the only store in a town of 500 people and the next city is 250 miles away I can pretty much run my store as I want.  In a conservative world I would extend credit carefully, hire as necessary, support projects that I believe in with my goods and services etc.  As a liberal I would give everyone credit, hire a bunch of people because they also know a bunch of people and I will be famous and talked about.  Oh, and I guess I would give away my goods and services as people ask for them because God knows 250 miles is a long way to drive.  Blah, blah, blah.  For the record:  I’m sickened by all the crap pouring from the mouths of most from both sides of the aisle!

Both sides play their “hug the voter and whisper ‘I love yous’ in his/her ear” games and frankly I’m tired of it all.  I would rather be more conservative and slowly give things away–after much careful deliberation–than to make the freebies a standard.  It’s just backward thinking.

Anyway, the Republicans have their new plan and it’s all nice and swell but as we head for 2011 wouldn’t you think that both sides of the food chain would agree that there are just certain American things to do, write them down and then live by them?  Who besides me is tired of tax cuts when the republicans take over and a complete turn-around when liberals run the joint only to have republicans vow to start the whole process all over again?  Find a compromise on spending and taxing and call it a day.  I mean, after almost two and a half centuries one would think that the simple things would have been agreed to years ago.

For instance, if you click on the the republican plan link above you will see that they want to establish that members of congress have at least three days to read legislation before they sign it. This would give them time to sort of know what’s in a stimulus plan, health care overhaul and illegal immigrant amnesty bill to name a few.  How obscene is this? Think about it?  This should have been been on the books a couple hundred years ago–and it should be more than 72 hours.  Instead, career politicians work secretly to create thousand page documents, throw them on the desks of each legislator and then push for a vote ten minutes later.  I may be a bit faceteous here, but not by much.

Dear Mr and Mrs Politician:  You wanna know why the Tea Party Movement has gained such extraordinary steam?  Because Americans are tired of all the plans, proposals and destructive fighting and we’ve decided (finally) to make you listen to us–or get out.

By the way, let’s be on the lookout for the Democrat’s SUPER-DUPER-BETTER PLAN because that’s the way Washington plays these days.  Sadly, to go to Washington must mean you failed every history lesson ever taught.

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September 29, 2010 11:13 pm Reply

The differance between the (Progressive) Dem’s, and Repub’s governing program is the speed of the drive to socialism (destruction). Example: Bush- 600 Bil deficient in 8 yrs / Obama- 2000 Bil deficient in 2 yrs.
I suppose that’s what Obamanation meant by “change”.

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