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Don’t Get Me Started!

10 Jan 2011

Mirriam Webster’s Dictionary defines retarded as, “Slow or limited in intellectual or emotional development or academic progress.” One could argue a similar definition for the Westboro Baptist Church because of its ongoing nonsensical protests (Though the church has more than its share of lawyers).   WARNING: VIOLENT AUDIO TO FOLLOW.

If you’ve never heard of the Westboro Baptist Church there’s not much to tell you.  It’s a very small church from Topeka, Kansas headed up by the wacky Fred Phelps.  The majority of the parishoners are family members who have been raised to believe that hate is somehow a virtue.  Their claim to fame:  Picketing at the funerals of military men and women.  Oh, and they “hate fags” too.  (That’s not my line–it’s theirs. They even have a website proclaiming their utmost hatred of homosexuals.)

Well, it looks like members of the “church” (Yes, I use that word loosely.) are heading to Tucson so they may do their best to interrupt the funerals of the six fallen citizens killed senselessly when another nutjob, Jared Loughner, opened fire on a small crowd assembled to hear what their Congresswoman, Gabrielle Giffords, was planning to do in Washington this go round.

When I heard that the good ol’ Rev Phelps was going to disrupt funerals in Tucson, including that of a nine year old girl, I just had to pull out my interview with the nutty professor and play it for you.  In all my years in broadcasting, this is one segment that has never left my mind–because he’s such an idiot to do this to regular ordinary folk!

WARNING: Some of my language is VERY violent.  My son, Adam, was in Fallujah, Iraq when Mr. Phelps was coming to my town so this was very personal to me.  I wanted him to hear how stupid I sounded so that he might look in the mirror and have an epiphany; obviously, that didn’t work because his church is still at it.  But, you can’t blame a guy for trying!

I do not have a problem with a minister preaching with conviction the things he finds in the Bible.  I have a major problem when his clan attacks innocent families at their saddest, private and most vulnerable time!


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January 11, 2011 9:08 am Reply

This man is so focused on one singular issue, that he neglects the greater message contained in the Holy Scriptures.

I could not bear to listen to the entire interview because of this man’s ignorance and hate.

January 11, 2011 6:27 pm Reply

Thanks for the post Darrell. You know I always try to be positive and try to find the good in everything. But I can’t comprehend anything about people like this guy and can’t find an ounce of good in their belief or the attitude. Instead, this all gives me a doomsday feeling and makes me sad. Thank you for bringing this to light. As a good, peaceful person, I’m sometimes ignorant of the unthinkable evil that exists right in my own back yard. I had illusions that this kind of thing only happens in barbaric countries or in very poor parts of our community. Educating people the way you do makes people like me face reality. Now I have to decide what to do about it. Ignorance is bliss, but once you know the truth, I think it’s our responsibility to do something. I just don’t know what to do at this point in time. It’s not like you can have a rational conversation with these types. Your phone call proved that. I’m still numb over this tragedy and about the news that groups like this one intend to continue their hate and violence on mankind. I feel lost.

January 29, 2011 2:34 pm Reply

God said there would be false prophets, the man who leads this group (I will not use the word church here as it denotes a house of God) is one of the most profound issuers of hate that I have seen. There are many out there, this one and his ilk are proof that the Lord knew what was coming. I do wish that the hate mongering and picketing of funerals were both made illegal, no one who’s just lost a son, daughter, husband or wife needs to see and hear this vitriol. It’s the most disgusting of slime who find joy in the pain of others. May God have mercy on their souls.

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