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Dem. Convention Day 1 and Photos

25 Aug 2008


I arrived in Denver to a town that is buzzing.  Police, SWAT and all other types of security are everywhere.  There have already been a few protests and famous protestor Cindy Sheehan is in town.  And the Obama t-shirts.  It seems everyone has something Obama on.  I have never seen anything like this.  I mean, people are wearing shirts with Obama’s face on them.  The only good note is that vendors are making up these shirts on their own and hawking them on street corners.  Yes, they too have been checked by security.

By the way, don’t mention you are a conservative here.  You will get yelled at.  I arrived at the airport, told a few people I was in media and I wanted to leave it at that.  But, they didn’t let me off the hook.  They kept asking what kind of media.  I finally relented telling them I was a talk show host.  Oh, did they love that.  It was like I just had thrown a pack of red meat to the wolves.  They started yelling and screaming about being a conservative.  Look, I make no apologies about being a conservative.  At the same time, I don’t always agree with conservatives.  These people at the airport have never met me, never talked to me and they were very quick to judge me.  Why the quick hostility?  There is no doubt there is more hostility coming from the Democrats than the Republicans.  I have seen so many people filled with so much hate already.  It’s only been two days.  I’m sure it will only get worse as the week wears on.

Check out this photo gallery from the Rocky Mountain News to see protestors yelling at the police officers and getting right up in their faces.

Here is our photo gallery!


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August 25, 2008 5:52 pm Reply

So…what did they call Ankarlo at the airport? JERK-ALERT? LOL

August 25, 2008 6:40 pm Reply

Oh Great Oz Ankarlo, to win the whitehouse, the democratic nominee better understand what the Dream is. “If you are black does Obama set you back?” do you feel like 1865 is walking by you or do you feel 1965 black when he speaks. Does Affirmative Action run down your spine giving you hope, change and a better social structure? Do you want to just get up and dance! Dance, Dance, Dance! Come join the John McCain “Rick Renzi” National Leadership Team!

Born after 1964 you qualify, you qualify for a John McCain, George “Presscott” Bush belated EMD Wristband with two biometric identifiers noting your daddy’s genes versus your mama genes. Born before 1965, outside “juridictional” Colo Solo Panama Canal Zone, no real id for you. “To win the Whitehouse you have to understand what the dream is” No not Martin Luther Kings dream, but what my “Secretary” deems what the dream is. A vote for Obama is like voting for Madonna, or Britney and that gastly Paris (right on energy) Hiltonj. Bitte ein Inbev! Bitte ein Budweiser!

This is what “Celebrities” can be, McCain, wrong on “Anthrax” live on David Letterman. Ya’ll come to our Big Oil Crack Telethon next week. Ya’ll just wait and see, Halliburton, KBR have a big “American Taxpaid payer encentives” on profit that will buy all the gold and silver in America. We’re United, we’ve always been united. I hear the voices, I swear I do, I do, no I do, no I do! Honey, I do!

August 25, 2008 7:08 pm Reply

Roger Morris is on “crack”.

Darrell…have fun. Get Laurie to take lots of pics. Tell Rob he is doing great.

Don’t let the liberals pull you in and swing your vote. ha ha

Good thing they hold this in the summer…so you don’t have to do it in the snow.

I will listen all week. You are doing a great job!!!

PS: Have you found a bowling alley in Denver, for the Ankarlo Posse??

August 25, 2008 7:45 pm Reply

Oh Great Oz Ankarlo, Joe Biden is our man, if Joe can’t end the war in Iraq No Man Can. We know McCain/Rumsfeld isn’t going to end anything in the near future or at least until he has a ” 100% Republican Supreme Court” out-of-step extremist Regime lock step in his 2012 QWEST for China’s Deal or No Deal in America’s Occupied Iraq.

Joe Biden, a shocker, even to me. Although a good pick, a man who has served the Senate and Congress just as long as Old Man McCain. On different principles and not of the “elitist” status in the halls of the Pennsyvania Avenue but a staunch Foreign Relations leader. He supports his President, all the while being critical on policy and policies. He supports his party, all the while being a forceful vote on Iraq and the Iraqi Security forces. He has held accountable the Rumsfeld/McCain machine and the McCain/Bush/Cheney Regime during the Bush Occupation in Iraq.

Meanwhile, back at the ranch, the Republicans still throwing their Big Oil Crack Telethon while oil prices continue to decline with little and no effort on their behalf. “GRAMMSTANDING” in hopes no one comes in and lifts up a rug or two to find out what party guy/gal that lies beneath. We got Celebrities yes we do, we got male Celebrities how about you show starts next week in Minnesota.

Just wash your hands, and wipe your feet because you know it’s gettin ready to get dirty and deep at the Republican Bush/Cheney/Rumsfeld and I was wrong “Anthrax” McCain vidication Convention. Bush lied and 4400 men and women have died! Bush lied and 35,000 men and women have been mamed for life! Iraq is a “work in progress” tour on our average americans, our friends.
You better not cry, you better not lie, because the Republicans will tell you why. John McCain is coming to town! He’s bringing Rick Renzi, He’s bringing Azscam Kyl, so you better not cry, you better not lie, John McCAin is coming to town.

Oh Where Oh where is all the Republicans, oh where oh where are you at!

August 25, 2008 9:07 pm Reply

Hate with the Democrats Ankarlo; just wait until Hannity shows up along with all of the rest of the right wing extermists. Thats where there’s hate

August 26, 2008 8:08 am Reply

Those police offiers are useing CAR15′s not M-4′s
M-4″s have adjstable butt stocks were as those do not. That is the only difference.

August 26, 2008 8:17 am Reply

Here is a question for the left that I so hmbly pose. Why do we need to support those who do not want to support themselves? Why is it that on some TV shows ( Most Shocking series in which a couple that owned a store in New Zealand were robbe and forced to defend themselves with a Cricket bat and a broom) I see people who live in a 100% gun control enviroment using guns (criminals) to violate others (honost citizens) god’s given right of freedom.

August 26, 2008 4:06 pm Reply

Your ignorance is showing in your grammar!

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