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Day 4 and Photos

28 Aug 2008


I’ve told you more than a few times that I’m a preacher’s kid, a Pentecostal preacher’s kid and much like many black churches a Pentecostal crowd like to shout Hallelujahs and Amens and talk back to the person delivering the message.  It’s been a while since I’ve been in one of those services—that is, until Wednesday night in Denver.  That’s when reverend Bill Clinton took the stage at the Democratic National Convention and all I can say is this evangelist of a bigger government more taxes had the choir screaming for more.  The crowd hung on every word and shouted back throughout the message.  I’ve seen President Clinton many times over the years and though I’m not a big fan and though his approval ratings have suffered in recent months he has rarely been better.  As I told you yesterday on my show, while many thought he might deliberately throw Barack Obama under the bus with a less than stellar endorsement I believed he would do exactly what he did at the Pepsi Center.  He did it for two reasons:  1) He loves being the big dog—and indeed he was and 2) His fierce competitive streak made him deliver a message so powerful that all Barack Obama has to do to cause this once failed convention to end as a success is hit his Roman stage on Thursday night and say—“I agree with President Clinton” and leave the stage.  Yes indeed, this was most definitely the Clinton Convention and Mr. Obama would do well not to forget that.  Amen and Hallelujah.

A note on history: 45 Years ago today, Martin Luther King, Jr. delivered one of the most memorable speeches in our nation’s history. Dr. King had a dream over four decades ago and tonight, for the first time, a black man will accept the nomination to become President of the United States. Politics aside, this is history; tonight I am a proud American. It wasn’t that long ago America passed the Civil Rights Act and the Voting Act. America still had “seperate but equal” as it’s phrase until those critical years of the 1950′s and 1960′s. First, Brown V. The Board of Education in 1954. Then Martin Luther King and so many other. Today, Barack Obama accepts the Democratic Party’s nomination. I will be watching live from Invesco Field and part of me will be smiling watching him speak.

Photos by Aaron Farnham.

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August 28, 2008 3:02 pm Reply

Wednesday was quite possibly the most unbelievable night for Democrats. Hillary stops the votes and hands the nomination to Obama, Kerry had a great speech, Beau Biden made grown men cry and Joe Biden was “solid” but it was definitely Bill’s night and in many ways I wish he was last because that was the speech that people needed to leave with. Then again, seeing Obama walk out on stage brought back the excitement that Bill Clinton started.

Obviously all eyes are on Obama tonight and while I plan to cast my vote for Obama I’ll be paying close to attention to McCain and company next week.

August 28, 2008 6:42 pm Reply

Oh Great Oz Ankarlo, newly inspired Democrat, newly inspired Man of Mankind and Womankind alike! “A vote is a vote, a Person is a Person” and these Person(s) really rocked the boat yesterday. It was like a night in the open seas with shackles on your feet looking up at the stars in the night, shining so bright, Please help this Brotherens Tonight! Then there was Joe Biden, his son, his mom, his wife and kids. “HOW DO WE GET CONTROL” of our Country again, “HOW DO WE FIX ALL THESE BROKEN WINDOWS?” Just because of America’s “inactivitity” and the Republicans hand in every “illegal” cookie jar on the planet no vote for you!

Oh Great Oz Ankarlo, oh where oh where is the Republicans at Oh Where Oh Where are they at? Committing those “LIMBAUGH DRIVE-BY’S” Looking for a new Lawyer to avoid yet another Congression Contempt Citation? Are they still having that McCain Big Oil Crack Telethon. The Olympics are over, they didn’t get a GOLD MEDAL from the American People. Oh Where Oh Where are the Republicans at oh Where Oh Where are they at.

Oh Great Oz Ankarlo, we know they aren’t laying flowers on the reef of Martin Luther King. We do know they are raiding factors, plants, and Landscaping Companies in the West looking for “mexicans” to “ATTEST” to their being and then their nationality. We know they are avoiding “Contempt of Congress” Citations. We know they are still soaking about their Marshall Law Immigration day towards Private Equity Social Security Accounts based in Lichtenstein. We know they are still stuck as to how their so called Comprehensive Shackles on your feet move towards anything hispanic, latino, and mixed-breeds without a EMD collar sponsored by Rudy Guiliani and Michael Chertof. We know they are awaiting another “Katrina” as they prayed for rain, begged for rain, and now that GOD has heard and plans to deliver, they are not on the tarmac of Luke Air Force Base waiting to greet and sneak their Medicare D Private Equity Health Insurance Accounts with all tax encentive paid revenues to 19,000 Americans with secret accounts in Lichtenstein. Hugh Brian Ross!

Oh Great Oz Ankarlo, today is a remarklable day. A mexican won the Gold in Wrestling, and the Republican party is willing to start another war to cover up their other war. The Republican party is willing to issue Marshall Law Immigration to shove more hate, fear, and racial secularism in hopes of salvaging the elections on their behalf! All to hide 8 years of corruption, theft, “BREATHTAKING ABUSES OF THE CONSTITUTION” fraud, death and destruction. While trying to figure out how to sell it, who to sell it to, and who is younger than 72 years of age, and isn’t out-of-step extremist who believes that it would have been easier to just take a womans right to privacy away, then to continue to control “EVOLUTION.”

Well we know John McCain will awake at 3:15 instead of 3am to hear, see and promote the Mark of the Beast on every EMD collar issued to a immigrant with three or more kids born after 1964!

August 28, 2008 7:48 pm Reply

Oh Great Oz Ankarlo of Arizona, all jokes aside, and you know me I have jokes. You are doing a helluva great job. Other than CSPAN, your coverage has been one of a “fair and balance” approach instead of listening to Limbaugh or Hannity just exhaust themselves with propaganda and Bush/Cheney arrogance towards the American Flag and it’s Constitution.

So hats off to you for your fair, balanced projection of the Convention as a whole!

Plus you know Nancy Pelosi is looking quite the hottie these days! Long Live Nancy Pelosi! You can tell her if you see her I said that, I’m sure it won’t be a surprise though!

August 28, 2008 11:04 pm Reply

Let’s see Obama’s birth certificate. Why is it such a secret?

August 29, 2008 9:21 pm Reply

Oh Great Oz, Destroyer of a Fences! McCain ain’t “Palan” no more! Someone hit jackpot at the McCain BP BIG Oil Crack Telethon. Ain’t no stoppin us now playing on the Rush Limbaugh, On Cue Show for McCain. On Cue, John don’t speak Limbaugh says! Palan Speak Limbaugh says. Palan, Well I really don’t know what the duties of the Vice President are, I am going to be briefed by Cheney next week.

Oh Great Oz Fence Destroyer of Colorado, what next in the McCain/Renzi onslaught! What next in the McCain slow to go Shoot Straight Express!

I think this was a concession myself! I think the Republicans have gotten us so deep in booboo! They just said the heck with it! She’s Big Oil, Lobbyist of Alaska! She delivers a “Return on Revenue” Every year, off of our taxpayer paid encentives.

But It’s Katrina day 1 in the valley, and we all got trees, cars, and roof material to remove from the front yards.

Oh Where Oh Where are the Republicans at, Oh Where Oh Where have the gone!
Joe Lieberman, flew back to Master Olmerts home a failed miserable Rush Limbaugh Policy. Maybe HomeLand Security Secretary! I will pay them back, I will take everyone naturalization and citizenship! If John is Elected, I will show them, I will show them who their O Daddy is!


Master Olmert, it is time for us to get PAID!

August 31, 2008 4:55 pm Reply

You know Darrell, I listen to your show nearly every day. I must say that I rarely agree with you, but I can usually see where you’re coming from.
I have to say that your entire coverage of the DNC seemed to be a hatchet job from the word “go”.
You would say that you were praising one of the Clintons, then in the very same breath go on to say how incredible and ingenuous they were.
You preached constantly about how you know what is the mind of Bill or Hillary, and you say with absolute certainty exactly what the Clintons have planned for the future.
Obviously, I am a Democrat, and it never ceases to amaze me how right wingers like you always manage to twist and bend the words and actions of Democrats to fit whatever point you are trying to make.
You never once even considered the possibility that Hillary might support Obama because their positions on all major issues are so close. As a matter of fact, during the primaries, most political pundits on both sides were commenting on the fact that the Democratic primaries were such a close race because the candidates didn’t really disagree on any major issues. It all came down to personality.
The Clintons have a long history of being solid Democrats, of doing what is right for the party (and therefore what is right for the country). You never once mentioned (at least not that I heard) that Hillary might actually support Obama simply because it is the right thing to do.
I’m sure she is looking to the future, thinking about another run at the White House somewhere down the line. But does that have to mean that, at this moment when there is so much at stake (and, yes, there are many of us- a majority I believe- that feel that we are at a critical moment in our history and to let the Republicans have 4 more years in the White House would be disastrous) it isn’t possible that Hillary and Bill don’t just want what’s best for the country?
You never even considered it. You went straight to the personal attacks. Passing yourself off as a psychiatrist or something, pretending to know what was in the hearts and minds of the Clintons. To me, this is very dishonest.
And what scares me is that there are a lot of people in your audience that listen to your words, and take them at face value. That don’t have the capacity or the curiosity to go beyond your vitriol and think about what they’re hearing.

December 20, 2010 5:47 pm Reply

Lol wow, i had by no means believed about details like that before, but you do bring up some interesting points. nice post

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