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Day 3 and Photos

27 Aug 2008


Last night, it was Hillary’s turn.  Her speech was well written, but poorly delivered.  I have seen her speak many times during the course of this campaign in Iowa, New Hampshire and now Denver.  Her heart just wasn’t in it last night.  She said everything she was supposed to say, but we all know Hillary wants to be the nominee.  Hillary received a standing ovation when they introduced her as the crowd waved Hillary signs throughout the Pepsi Center.  In fact, I managed to get my hand on a Hillary/Unity sign that was paid for by Barack Obama for America. 

The speech lasted just over 20 minutes and one of the first messages was that of unity.  She said, “My friends, it is time to take back the country we love. And whether you voted for me or you voted for Barack, the time is now to unite as a single party with a single purpose.”  But, does she mean it?  She mentioned Barack Obama’s name at least 14 times during the speech.  Hillary also mentioned McCain several times with the most memorable line being, “And you haven’t worked so hard over the last 18 months or endured the last eight years to suffer through more failed leadership.  Noo way, nohow, no McCain.” The attacks were echoed by earlier speakers including Virgina Gov. Mark Warner, Massachusetts Gov. Deval Patrick and Montana Gov. Brian Schweitzer.  The McCain attacks are all the same, “four more years.”  I think the Democrats are going to have to do more than that in order to attack McCain.  The same Bush attacks have been around for years and really haven’t affected McCain’s poll numbers.  Will they start now?

Several Democrats here in Denver are worried about Obama’s poll numbers.  Others though are pointing to 1980.  Ronald Reagan was way behind President Jimmy Carter until late in the race after he reassured American he could lead.  Will Obama do the same thing?  The final part of the campaign begins Thursday night for Obama.  As for tonight though, it’s going to be all about former President Bill Clinton.  Will he rally the troops better than his wife did?  And then, what will Obama’s vice presidential selection Joe Biden say?  We’ll have all of that for you tomorrow between 8:30 and 12n during Ankarlo Mornings live from Denver…


Want to see just how “green” the Democratic Convention is?  Watch this great piece from our friend Paul Gleiser at KTBB.

Photos from the protests.  More to come.  Photos by Aaron Farnham.


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August 27, 2008 6:16 pm Reply


For me most interesting information on your show today
was Mo Rocca being a producer of WISHBONE show on PBS

NOT — Hilary’s speech and the “true feelings” of the Clintons and the Obamas toward each other

OR STREET People — young “ANARCHISTS” –
so very “courageous” of them to protest the government and wish to destroy AMERICA.

I do believe many young people are ignorant of the history of their country
America and some seem not to read current events or history

It could be a reason why there is a disconnect between their generation
and older, more main stream, rational Americans?

I actually feel some compassion for any news people in DENVER this week – -
having seen Katie Couric and others on C span this morning schlepping around like everyone else;

August 27, 2008 11:35 pm Reply

Oh Great Oz Ankarlo, was that a “Rockstar” speech or what! Did she not deliver a true and bonafide speech. Now we got Barrack Obama, never looking for a hand out, and you have to give the guy credit. He has John McCain and his Culture of Corruption Cheerleaders looking for Democratic American made bathroom stalls without a cop hanging out waiting on them.

Oh Great Oz Ankarlo, what is the Republican Party going to sell America next week after that “Rockstar” of a speech. How is the Republican Party not going to be able to “steal” anything to say they did anything between now and next week.
Is Dick Cheney and Cindy McCain going to come back and demand that we give the Georgian Government 1 billion dollars to put in a Private Equity Account on thier “Futures” behalf? Is George Bush, going to actually put those Weapons of Mass Destruction on the table and say, Look we didn’t lie and 4200 men and women didn’t die?

Oh Great Oz Ankarlo, is John McCain going to actually say he isn’t suffering from Gulf War Syndrome and act as though he served in the first Sand Bowling Fiasco? Is John McCain going to come out and say his famous words, My Friends, My Average Americans, when I didn’t own 8 homes and received a $58,000 Disability Award because Cindy made only 6 million and give it back.
Is John McCain going to announce Rick Renzi as his running mate and if he goes to trial I might be his cell mate and demand if elected that his “Republican Supreme Court” overturn any convictions from the Abramoff Fraud Scandals.
Is John McCain going to announce Joe (trader) Joe Lieberman as his running mate! He created Homeland Security in 18 days! Or is John McCain going to say, okay, I was wrong on Iraq, I was wrong on “Anthrax” we as a party were wrong, wrong, wrong, and now we are just “WRONG, WRONG WRONG for the Whitehouse? I doubt it.

It appears that the Republicans are willing to start another war, to justify their other war. It appears that John McCain is willing to start another war to justify being wrong in the Iraq War. It appears that the Republicans are willing to start another war, to justify the “treason” that pours through the Darken Doors of Cheneyville on Pennsylvania Avenue. It appears that the Republicans would be willing to start another conflict to implement Marshall Law Immigration for a Secular America while still covering up their Mein Kempf “Will” of the Homeland they feel they now serve!

Oh where Oh Where are the Republicans at, Oh Where Oh Where have they gone! Mitt the Quit ranch? A stall near you? Georgian/Atlanta Georgia border?
Iraq Occupation Theatre for the dead and dying? Oh Where Oh Where have they gone? Jay Leno, David Letterman, or Paris Hilton next “Substainable Energy 101″ school of Celebrities? I wonder, I wonder oh I wonder!

August 28, 2008 3:15 pm Reply

“Never looking for a hand out” are you kidding. Does convicted fellon Tony Rezko ring a bell. What about the tens of millions he piggy backed, you actually think he hasn’t had his hand out. Clinton said it right, he is just another politian.

August 28, 2008 5:01 pm Reply

I disagree with you Lauressa. I believe a lot of young people know a great deal about history. With todays media, talking heads and last but certainly not elast politicians continually try to rewrite history to match their political agenda.

As far as the disconnect with older Americans. I believe that a lot of older American’s like it or not are the ones not in touch with today and the world that they live in now. I have heard several older people say they would not vote for a black person because they are black. That is wrong on so many levels. The disconnect lies with the frustration that older generations have with the ability of the younger generation to recognize ones abilities and intelligence and the issue of race and color kept out of the picture.

Also the older generations are not the ones that will be living in and leading this country for the next several hundred years. It is the younger generations. Its just that now with so much tension in the world and political election the younger ones are standing up and saying it is our turn now.

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