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Day 2 and Photos

26 Aug 2008


Michelle Obama was welcomed by a huge crowd last night at the Pepsi Center.  Her goal:  Make the Obama’s real.  There is no doubt, McCain’s celebrity ads have taken their toll on this campaign.  Because of that (and other factors) the Obama’s have a ton to do during this convention.  They have to reintroduce Obama, make Obama real and spell out their agenda.  Night one was a reintroduction.  My impression from Michelle’s speech was simple.  Did you know Obama and I both grew up in working class families?  We have both lived the American dream.  We are raising our children just like you.  It was silly and I am amazed people actually fall for it. 

Then the kids came out.  This happens at every convention.  You always have to have the family hug (or in the case of Al Gore, that nasty kiss with Tipper).  What was different last night was Sasha.  She is the Obama’s youngest daughter.  Sasha kept interrupting her Dad while he was on a video screen.  Obama, himself, was thrown off his game too.  He stuttered a little bit and said he was first in St. Louis then in Kansas City.  Hmmm.  For all the faults and hiccups, night one at the Convention made the Obama’s to be an all American family. 

Michelle Obama was brilliant when she mentioned Sen. Hillary Clinton.  Michelle said, “People like Hillary Clinton, who put those 18 million cracks in the glass ceiling, so that our daughters — and sons — can dream a little bigger and aim a little higher. “  This shoutout is obviously meant to bridge a gap between the Clinton supporters and the Obama supporters.  Several Clinton supporters I have talked to on the ground have said they aren’t budging.  Others, though, are open to Obama.  Hillary Clinton is the headline speaker tonight.  Obama’s camp has been trying to edit Clinton’s speech.  But, the Clinton’s aren’t having it.  Tonight will be interesting.  I’ll keep you updated throughout the day here and tomorrow morning from 8:30 until Noon live from Denver.

Check out our photo gallery from last night. Photos by Aaron Farnham.


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August 26, 2008 6:23 pm Reply

Oh Great Oz Ankarlo, as Arizona misses thou, Andrew Thomas, has a 3am recollection of his days skipping Immigration and Naturalization classes at Harvard. Obama went to class I was reading old John McCain “Maverick” days in Colo Solo Panama Canal Zone, in 1936.

It’s the Mexican Immigrants fault, Social Security, the War in Iraq. Our State Enforcement Bill, my Breathtaking Abuses of the Consititution. The Mexican are not leaving, it’s Obama’s fault, he went to class and I didn’t!

Oh Great Oz Ankarlo, Conventions Five Star General, Mr. Corsi, where did you get your info. It was my understanding that Bill Ayers had a barbecue when Obama was eight, and Obama was the “koolaid” boy from down the street. Always trying to get right in the middle of Caucasion White Liberation barbecues held at the corner house. “If you are black, does Barrack Obama set you Back.” Mr. Corsi, well I’m not black, and if I was, I would have to agree. I didn’t go to Harvard, I’m not a senator, and I never did a Federal Land Swap with Rick Renzi or John McCain.

No actually you are doing a great job, your coverage is almost better than CNN and if you pay for MSNBC you might see a snibet here or there. But Mr. Corsi and his Obamanation book isn’t there enough black on black crime in America. That’s another story.

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