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Court Rips into AZ Voting Law

26 Oct 2010

On Tuesday (October 26, 2010) those knuckleheads at the 9th Circuit Court located in the heart of Sodom and Gomorrah were at it again striking down our Arizona law (Prop 200) that passed here by overwhelming numbers.  The federal appeals court, aided, believe it or not, by retired U.S. Supreme Court Justice Sandra Day O’Connor, said a law requiring voters to prove they are US citizens before registering to vote, or actually voting, is inconsistent with the 1993 National Voter Registration Act.

In other words, show a driver’s license or similar picture ID and any other ID and you’re in.  To steal a jargon of American political avarice (Like you will find in Chicago and New York), “Remember to vote early and vote often.”  The 9th Circuit is infamous for more negligence than I can name here but it certainly appears that this phrase is one nailed to the Court’s wall as they have basically told a state that it’s law is unconstitutional though its citizens are aware of the vast numbers of stolen and counterfeited IDs that allow a person or persons to vote numerous times in numerous places in a single election.  With the number of iilegal immigrants in Arizona, citizens were (are) right to believe votes will fall into the wrong hands in an effort to vote for politicians or laws via the Will of unnamed persons or groups.

Experts aren’t sure the ruling by the 9th Circuit Court will impact Arizona voting since the last date to provide proof of eligibility to register to vote was October 23rd.  Thus, both sides will now run this issue through the legal system.

“I think it’s an outrage and a slap in the face to every Arizonan who is interested in protecting the integrity of our elections,” said Arizona Secretary of State Ken Bennett. He added, “I think most Arizonans and Americans respect that is crazy to suggest anyone gets to sign a document saying I’m a citizen and not having to provide proof.”

Somos America President, Lydia Guzman was quick to say, “Ken Bennett is wrong… If he’s questioning the integrity of elections based on this ruling then he has no business being Secretary of State.” Somos America is an Hispanic coalition working to fight and change Arizona laws and standards they feel are discriminatory to the Latino community.

Somos and other groups fighting the Arizona voting law argue that the state has multiple thousands of legal and illegal (They like the word, “Undocumented” instead of “Illegal.”) residents who work, send kids to school, serve in the military, pay taxes etc yet aren’t allowed to vote.  This liberal organization joins others in Chicago and Maryland who have already won the right for non-US citizens to vote in state elections.  Look deeper and you will find that this practice as of a few years ago included at least 22 nations around the world—many having socialist forms of government.  A few of the participating countries include: Hungary, Chile, Spain, Venezuela, Netherlands and Belgium.

Let me state for the record:  ONLY US citizens should have the right to vote.  Period.  Those who are here as legal (and Illegal) aliens should simply expect our system—a system built around a Sovereign Nation model—to provide the vote to only those who have become US citizens by proper and legal methods.

With this in mind, I have a little surprise for you:  Between 1776 and 1926, or the first 150 years, the United States allowed non-citizens to vote in local, state and some federal elections.  Finally, in the early 1900’s American citizens balked at immigrant workers and the throngs of immigrants coming through Ellis Island having the same rights as they had.  And so Constitutional changes put the issue squarely in the hands of the states.  Of course by exercising State’s Rights from coast-to-coast, states removed the rights on non-citizens to have a voice via local, state and federal votes.

There is no doubt; Americans had developed a negative attitude toward immigrants and thus the shift.  To some, it seems we’ve come full circle, except this time we’re not so angry with immigrants making the trek to our country.  Instead, we’re angry that as many as 20 million illegal immigrants continue to use our resources by dramatically hitting education, healthcare, welfare and in many cases, our legal system.  Angry too are we that groups like Somos America fight so hard to bend and break our system to allow non-US citizens to have a voice by vote—something held as sacred in a sovereign representative republic.

As this issue plays its way thru the courts may I suggest one thing before next Tuesday’s mid-term elections: VOTE!  Less than 50% of America bother (In many areas it’s half that.) to go to the polls in a mid-term.  Start there.  There is NOT a federal law that allows an employee to take time off to vote so check your state’s statutes.  Here in Arizona, both private and public employers are required to allow employees to take a leave of absence to vote according to the Arizona Revised Statutes Annotated at Title 16, Chapter 4, Article 1, Sections 16-402 and 16-206, and apply to any voter.

So many people will be upset over this latest idiot move by the federal court wasting space in California—myself included.  But before we get upset about non-citizen’s voices being heard via the vote—perhaps we should try it ourselves for a change.

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October 26, 2010 9:34 pm Reply

Does that less than 50% who vote include mail – in ballots?

October 26, 2010 10:28 pm Reply

Again, here come the xenophobes blaming the undocumented immigrant sector for all the woes of society. You know, we could also blame them for Global Warming and the outburst of hemorrhoids on some people (being very sarcastic).

And yes, for… the record, I don’t agree with the 9th Circuit’s decision. The US maybe the only country in the world that people may vote with out a picture ID?

October 27, 2010 5:57 am Reply

Blame them, don’t blame them bla bla bla… Can’t you see we have a PROBLEM we all share? We all know if you are not a US citizen you should not have the right to vote, the bigger problem lies in the blame game all our energy are spent on laws and rulings, personal attacks, cut downs, labeling there is NO energy spent on a solution. Everyone is more than willing to oppose rather than communicate.

October 27, 2010 7:23 am Reply

Just when you think the 9th can’t get any more inept… *BOOM* they raise the bar on stupidity.

November 13, 2010 11:06 am Reply

jeez. well I am glad to see that you’re still around ankarlo, and had hoped to hear you on the radio again, if only to argue with you. well not only, but this one, yeah. lets put it simply. just because an “overwhelming” number of Arizonan’s voted for prop 200, that does not mean it passes legal muster. popular opinion does not make a law constitutional. Did you go to law school Ankarlo? Do you know constitutional law better than the judges on the 9th circuit court? If the answer is no to either of those questions (highly likely for both) then the truth is Arizona needs to take another tack to deal with id theft. the court isn’t saying that the state can’t deal with the problem, just that the way they are attempting to go about it is not legal. Again, POPULAR OPINION DOES NOT MAK A LAW CONSTITUTIONAL!!!

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