Darrell Ankarlo

Age Old enough to have a bunch of adult kids running all over the globe.
Sex Yep.
Location Phoenix, AZ. Yes, we’re in the desert but trivia buffs know we have mostly mountains.

(Okay, to my Colorado friends, yes you may call them hills.)

as saying
To my kids: “Be the leader, not the follower!”

To great callers who make it in my show: “You are a freakin’ Rockstar”

Who is Darrell Ankarlo

I got my start in broadcasting while attending a small university in Missouri. The campus station manager heard me goofing around in a hall and asked me if I wanted to do it in a show. I asked him how much it paid and when he said, “nothing” I turned him down. But, as I continued walking he yelled out, “but it’s the three easiest credits you can get and chicks dig DJs.” I’ve been in the business ever since the Bee Gees were Stayin’ Alive.

A Few Proud Moments

My wife and I have had the privilege to work with thousands of teenagers over the years via speaking engagements and youth events. We created programs for suburban and inner-city kids in Chicago. Great times.

Tennessee is one of the last states without an income tax but that nearly changed in the 90’s when the governor tried to sneak one through in a Special Session of the Legislature. Congresswoman Marsha Blackburn called me at home with the tipoff and the next morning I was broadcasting live from the Capitol. I was the only guy out there, kind of a lone voice in the wilderness, as I worked to get my audience engaged in what was happening. By mid-morning thousands of citizens joined me as we stopped the Session. The next day other broadcasters jumped in as we shut down Nashville as the tax plan officially died. I really learned about the power of personalized talk radio coupled with citizens willing to act. Dave Ramsey joined me and while I had people honk horns all over the state he and I had people send tea bags to their elected leaders. Though it’s called the Great Tennessee Tax Revolt it may also be the prelude to the modern day Tea Party Movement.

In Dallas, just before the Iraqi war, I could feel an unspoken sense coming from people writing, calling and stopping me to talk. I put together what most consider to be the first Pro America Rally. The concept was later picked up nationally by Glenn Beck and even later, by Sean Hannity.

In Phoenix, my radio show (and my undercover trip in and out of Mexico) helped to put a national spotlight on the Illegal Immigration issue—from both sides of the story. The state later passed worker verification laws and the controversial SB1070 providing guidance to police (a law that duplicates a federal law).

In over 30 years in the broadcast industry my family and I have moved 15 times which has come with a price—leaving friends and family too often. But, we have experienced and reported, first-hand, on so many history making/altering events from impeachments to hanging chads and on to Iraq.

A Life Altering Accident

In April, 2009, while Darrell was on his way home from an Arizona Diamondbacks game a 78 year old man surged his truck directly into traffic and slammed into Darrell’s small convertible. Darrell suffered a Traumatic Brain Injury that eventually took him off the radio. Since that time he has worked with doctors, vestibular specialists and physical and speech therapists to return to the voice and style that has made ANKARLO a house-hold name. Says, Darrell, “I’m getting a lot better and will return to the airwaves soon.” Read Kim Hosey’s Time’s article about Darrell’s recovery here: