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A Movie is Just a Movie

25 Jul 2008

When I go to see a movie I go to escape and be entertained. Give me a small bag of popcorn, a coke and a pocketful of candy—which I sneak in because it costs so much at the theatre—and I am a very happy camper. I don’t really pay attention to subtle messages the film is supposed to be presenting.
ET was apparently about Christ, 300 was about the Iraq war and Wall E is a story about global warming. Those hints must come when I’m searching the floor for my missing Ju Ju Bees because I don’t catch them. But now, according to a piece by a Hollywood director via the Wall Street Journal, Batman is a portrait of George W Bush.
Batman is willing to fight for his beliefs even if he is hated by the masses—that’s GW on the War in Iraq. Batman lives by his moral compass. Mr. Bush does too. Batman pushes civil rights boundaries for the sake of the people and so does our president. And the list goes on. I didn’t see any of that—I saw a comic hero I grew up with turned into a billion dollar enterprise. Oh, but wait a minute—it’s the income the movie is generating that may be the rest of the story. Are people flocking to see what is now touted as a very conservative movie because we admire a gun-slinging leader who is loyal to a fault and who is willing to trade his destiny for their well-being; a story about someone taking a stand instead of continuing to play the politically correct game of no losers or winners in sports, feminized men, and schools that hand out equal grades so everyone feels good about themselves? No, it’s just a movie—and the Batman/Bush comparisons may not be relevant to the film but they do say a lot about us

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July 29, 2008 4:33 pm Reply

Thank You!!! this was the most rediculous thing I ever heard. Possible allegory aside, comparing one of the most recognizable icons in modern America’s cannon to our current president is laughable. besides, vigilantism and unilateral action always looks good in comics and movies. it rarely ends up being a positive thing in reality though.

July 29, 2008 7:01 pm Reply

I disagree completely with the last comment. It’s blatantly clear that Batman is a referrence to GW in this film. The phone tapping made it the most obviouse. I really loved the film. As a filmaker and screenwriter myself, I find it laughable that people would think that a writer would not make an aliteration or referrence to their views.

July 29, 2008 7:22 pm Reply

Another point… Movies are not just a form of entertainment. Filmaking is an art form… It influences peoples thinking and perception. It’s a powerful medium to express ideas. This movie having a pro GW is loved by people who both love and hate George Bush, because it uses a narrative to ambiguously send the message. That’s a more effective way of sending a message than any radio personality (even Ankarlo) could send over radio commentating. The narrative form is often the most influential.

July 30, 2008 5:36 pm Reply

I saw Batman twice and I don’t think the movie is a republican conspiracy to regain the trust and support from the general public. Anybody who has seen this film would see that Batman’s replacement was captured by a terrorist and nearly killed then went on a rampage shooting people with a flip of a coin. After holding a family against their will and nearly killing a small boy and his father Batman had to put him down like old yeller (beloved but gone rabid).

If Batman is Bush and Two Face is Mc Cain, where is Obama?

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