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A Bankrupt Mindset

02 Feb 2011

I was hanging out with a staunch liberal the other day and the topic of Social Security and Medicaid came up.  I explained how this country embraced socialized medicine long before ObamaCare, which happily was declared unconstitutional by federal judge Roger Vinson in January ’11.  Judge Vinson, in his Summation, used one of the best lines of I have heard in a long while, “It is difficult to imagine that a nation which began, at least in part, as the result of opposition to a British mandate giving the East India Company a monopoly and imposing a nominal tax on all tea sold in America would have set out to create a government with the power to force people to buy tea in the first place.”  That’s a rock star moment if I’ve ever encountered one!  I went on to tell my liberal pal that for a nation that tries so hard to set itself apart from the Frances, Canadas and CHINAs of the world (when it comes to entitlements) we have been completely asleep-at-the-wheel for more than a half century.  He retorted, “There’s nothing wrong with big government taking care of its people.”

Side Note:  Obviously, I believe there should be some sort of safety net for a person/family that has run out of options but when the populace is forced to pay for and accept a long-term and very expensive government program, these people slowly become slaves to the programs–relying on them in too many ways to mention.

I looked at this 32 year old left-winger and told him that had I been alive and old enough I would have led the assault on Capitol Hill to stop the idiots who pushed these programs on unassuming Americans. (Please don’t get me started with the, “It was the end of the Great Depression-and-Americans-needed-it” nonsense because I’ll talk about the TRILLIONS that have been taken from Average Joe’s wallet as well as the future in which he could have invested.  And that’s a single example that can fill numerous books.)

Nope. My attack on DC would have been an all out blitz; trust me!!

The young man was of course incensed because liberals need Big Government or they are limited in their beliefs.  He said, “Social Security is one of the greatest programs ever developed,” or some such nonsensical ramblings.  ”Wait a minute,” I contended.  ”I have paid hundreds of thousands of dollars into social security over the years–many hundreds of thousands.  If I live to the actuarial tables, I’ll be able to use pennies on the dollar of my money and the more I think about the robbery the angrier I become.  We all yell about Bernie Maddoff’s scams of billions yet the US government has done the same thing with our multi-trillions.  And when it’s my time to see some small return on my investment, I’m ripped off of MY money–even though I was FORCED to pay up.  The program will be bankrupt by 2037 and if I get pennies, you’ll get nothing.”   (The same problems are inherent in a totally screwed Medicaid program.)

Then he hit me with unexpected words, “You don’t get it.  I’m in my early 30′s and we have a workforce that is younger than me by at least a decade and older in the same amount of time who are not a part of the baby boomers.  So, the program will be bankrupt for people like you and then will be re-structured and will be completely funded and ready to go for young people like me.”  I know the Left loves to take my money without my permission and use it for whatever socialized ideas they have and I know we have some pretty slick politicians on both sides of the aisle who steal from us but this concept nearly knocked me off my chair.  This person had no problem with the fact that my money had been stolen from me by elected officials before I was ever born and now that it’s set to go bankrupt he would rather see it go down–along with my cash–just so he could see a windfall on the other end. Sick!

By the way, recently discovered in the US Public Record is the plan by President Obama to offer government created and controlled retirement funds for WE THE STUPID PEOPLE of America.  Wait a minute!  Social Security was this cock eyed plan for a government sponsored retirement program and now the freaks on Pennsylvania Ave have the audacity to offer US controlled 401(k) plans.  If we keep falling for this crap, we deserve what we get.

In today’s American society this kind of mentality rules the day and when I ask about fairness I am the one chastised.  Thankfully, I’ll be long-gone as this mindset grows into a Stage 4 cancer, at least I’m hoping I will.

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February 3, 2011 2:07 am Reply

I have to agree that the 30 something liberal’s perspective on it is skewed. Not to mention that , being in my mid thirties, I don’t believe for a second that I’ll see any of my payments toward social security or medicare come back to me. But I’ve said it before, and I’ll say it again. Any one of my fellow conservatives who are looking for someone to be mad at for the health care “reform” we ended up with need go no further than the nearest mirror. Had conservatives taken legitimate concerns over the skyrocketing costs of health care and health insurance in this country seriously, that guy up there in the picture might not have even become president! He never made any bones about his intentions for health care. To be clear, I don’t like what got passed but at least the Dems tried to do something about the problem. Had conservative representatives tackled the problem the right way (and make no mistake they had ample opportunity) this wouldn’t be an issue right now. Instead what we got was a lot of platitudes about how “we’ve got the best health care in the world” while ignoring the fact that being the best is a moot point if no one can AFFORD IT! Congrats my fellow conservatives, your genius plan to fix the health care problem in this country by ignoring the issue worked, someone came and did the job for us! We should try this strategy with more issues.

February 7, 2011 1:33 pm Reply

Oh Great Oz Ankarlo, it’s great to see you are well or continuing the fruits of medical care in America. Heardee! Heardee! Heardee! Obamacare, aka Affordable Health Care Act is a lot better than Team GOP Care, aka NO CARE. Just to die for care. I hope you’ve pulled up roots from Jan’s Team GOP Economic Holocaust Land. Horse and Buggy Land. Pot holes on every street corner, bumpty-bump-bump bump all the way to GOP Emergency $541.00 care. Hope you have that original birth certificate signed “Russell Pearce” notary if female, noting the doctors name, rank and serial number. Team GOP Care is now 4th Avenue MCSO Reich Care. No Papers! No Witness!
Otherwise the children are still on your “socialized” insurance care hoping that each and everyone of your peeps don’t miss that unconstitutional monthly copay. Too much TEA not enough Chicken!

February 7, 2011 1:42 pm Reply

Why not just raise the Social Security tax on people in America who stop paying into social security at that magic number of $106,998. Bankruptcy delimina solved. 13.69% of Glenn Becks TPN don’t Tread on Troy Booty Palin Just don’t Shut Your Neck 2012 Tour for 2012 Presidency works for me. 31,794,000 x 13.69% = Roger Morris two piece chicken and change with two Sotomoyor tacos rice and beans! Or the GOP can hire Der Fuhrer Joe and have him “redflag’ all the elderly minority women in the State of Arizona by challenging their SSN issuance dates vs the day they first reporting income by way of the DES or DAV. Archives don’t lie! Bankruptcy solved born before 1964 you don’t qualify.

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